Legalization Of Mariguana Trade In Uruguay

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On December tenth, Uruguay admitted to legalize marijuana trade, becoming the first nation to carry it into an action in the contemporary world. The Uruguay government allows its nations for growing, selling and using the drug which is illegal in any other nations. From the voting, the Broad Front majority advocated for this cause and won, and the president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, signed it into law. The reason that I choose this news is that it was related to my interested subject area, the drug issues. I contended that the news had many roots with young children and had a global impact, involving surrounding nations. It was appealing to address how this legal law revealed one of my past reminiscence.

I firmly think that this legalization has advantages and disadvantages, but I do regard that the disadvantages will weigh more and provide harsh outcome as a whole than the advantages will do. I contend that legalizing such a harmful substance will definitely let Uruguay actively in contact with its neighboring nations and will affect many issues of public security and youth adolescents. While I lived in United States, I had a friend who crossed a border illegally with her family from Mexico. In one of our conversations, she told me that she was initially raised in a city near Texas where most of citizens suffered from raze of the cartels, and infinite innocent people have gone to prison for exporting drugs they did not even know they had in their cars because Mafia groups found crooked way to move drugs across the border. What more, young teens were intolerant to the drugs and this produced violence and ruins in many of urban areas in Mexico. Her life in Texas afterwards, was appalling because she was forced to work for the cartel selling drugs, and other kids similar to her were exploited and gained sentences in prisons. Therefore, if Uruguay liberalizes the use of drugs, the government...

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