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Legalization Of Marijuana: More Research Is Needed

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America spent around $18.1 billion last year fighting the war on drugs. The very controversial issue of should marijuana be legalized has been asked for the longest time. Owning marijuana was made a crime in 1937 when Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act. Despite this law, the drug was still somewhat commonly used. Here we are years later, still without a satisfactory answer to the question. Legalizing the use of marijuana could have psychological effects on people, provide medical benefits to people needing it, along with economical benefits it would provide there could also be a decrease in the incidence of crime.
One debate against legalizing marijuana is its use will cause Americans to suffer from psychological and personality problems. According to Elizabeth Scheichert, who is the author of Marijuana, The Drug Library, THC is the active chemical in marijuana that causes the user to feel “high” (Scheleichert 32). This is also the chemical that is most destructive to the user’s body and mind. The THC from smoking one marijuana cigarette can accumulate in the user’s body fat and stay there for weeks at a time (Scheleichert 34). Smoking marijuana causes a lack of motivation, ambition, and creativity. Many user’s lose interest in life and become very lazy. People who use marijuana often find it very difficult to concentrate on anything more challenging than television. Marijuana causes a decreased attention span and feelings of isolation. High school and college students who are regular users of marijuana find themselves to be struggling with inner turmoil, feeling depressed, scared, and having very low self-esteem. To a frequent user, time and surroundings become constantly distorted, causing judgment, logical thinking, and memory to become impaired.
An equally important fact for legalizing Marijuana usage is the many medical benefits it provides to people with certain medical problems. Marijuana became popular as a medicine in the United States during the mid-nineteenth century. Then, marijuana was used to treat general headaches, migraine headaches, depression, muscular tension, insomnia, and menstrual cramps. Today, marijuana has proven to be beneficial in the treatment of many more medical conditions including glaucoma, cancer, and asthma (Meng). In 1976, Robert C. Randall became the very first American to ever gain legal access to marijuana for medical purposes. Randall says that marijuana helped him through his battle with glaucoma, “Marijuana has helped control it. Marijuana is helping me to save my eyesight” Marijuana has helped Mr. Randall in his fight with glaucoma, and has the potential to aid in the treatment of many other medical situations. Another person that has gotten relief from marijuana is Myron Lindey. Lindey was suffering from cancer in the bladder before he started to use marijuana for his condition he was constantly losing weight. With the...

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