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Organ donation or organ transplant is a procedure where a person with organ failure, such as kidneys, hearts, lungs, liver and pancreas, gets a replacement organ that is healthy from another human body. The legalization of this surgery has generated a very controversial debate that has lasted for years now. What most people don’t understand is that the pros outway the cons. Besides, what is put before saving someone’s life? Of course, the organs that will be donated will be non-vital organs which are the organs that aren’t necessary to live. If it is the question of a vital-organ, this situation will be followed further. This is when a deceased donor comes in the picture, a person that has ...view middle of the document...

Anyone who decides to not go by the rules, will face the law like every other person who breaks the law and get the punishment they deserve.
Studies done by the Santa Clara University show that by increasing the supply of organs, the market mechanism will eventually bring the price of organs down, so more people will actually be able to afford them, which is one of the major issues regarding organ donation. Of course, this market will be restricted for these organs. Marketing this phenomenon the way it should, will clear people’s minds, and will be rightfully informed about this procedure and that it is in fact a safe way to save someone else’s life. Amy Friedman, director of transplantation at SUNY Upstate Medical University and close relative of two transplant recipients and one live organ donor, says: “... development of a legal, regulated mechanism for donor compensation is the only means of effectively closing down the black market and improving safety for donors and recipients... "
Also, human trafficking is not organ donation. Human trafficking is different than organ donation. First, organ donation is when the organs are taken out of someone’s body with their consent. This person chose to give their organ to another person in need. Human trafficking is taking someone’s organs without their consent, and it is very much illegal and should stay that way.
Living in a modern world, where the mentality has changed from how is used to be, people are more open-minded. Yet, there still are some people who claim that giving or selling your organ to, again, save someone else’s life is against all moral and ethical values. Each person on this earth owns their own body, and therefore have the right to do whatever they wish with it. This person should be allowed to donate an organ and save a person’s life if that is what they wish. It is also said that selling your body is un-human. But aren’t human values made of being helpful, generous and serving? Consideration and Cooperation?
Many think...

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