Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage In America

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Legalization of Same Sex Marriage in America
I do! The marriage of homosexual couples is a hot topic right now. Many politicians have changed their position from against homosexual marriage to for homosexual marriage. These politicians include Senator (Sen.) Rob Portman, former President Bill Clinton, and current President Barack Obama ("Political flip-floppers," 2014). The federal and state governments need to support same sex marriages the same as they support opposite sex marriages. Legalization of same sex marriages legitimizes the couple’s equality in society, strengthens family health, and is an intrinsic right for all citizens.
Equality, Stability, and Rights
Same sex couples do not receive the same socio-economic benefits that opposite gender couples do when they get married. The socio-economic rights of pension benefits, hospital visitation, child support, affordable housing etc... are basic resources for a healthy marriage regardless of same-sex or opposite sex couples (Dinno & Whitney, 2013). Currently in the United States (U.S.) 17 states plus the District of Columbia allow same-sex couples to marry, with four others allowing domestic partnerships or civil unions (Same sex marriage map, 2014). The states these same-sex couples are married in, are typically, the only state where their marriage rights are guaranteed. In the case of civil unions or domestic partnerships, these rights are limited and not always transferred from state to state (Jones, 2013). Bernard and Lieber (2009) conducted a study showing the disparaging economic difference same-sex couples and traditional unions. During their study, it showed lifetime cost of a homosexual family being upwards of $500,000 more than a traditional family, this was a worst-case scenario. In the 22 states that ban same sex marriage, domestic partnerships, and civil unions (Same sex marriage map, 2014) there is no family protection and the couples are viewed no more than roommates are in a legal capacity.
This family protection is inclusive, mate plus mate and children with no regard to sexual orientation. When talking about children of same-sex couples, according to Dr. Siegel of The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) ("American academy of," 2013) “Children thrive in families that are stable and that provide permanent security, and the way we do that is through marriage,”. The AAP also fully supports adoption and foster care rights by all parents, no matter parental genders. The economic stability and federal support received by married couples raising their children should be dispersed equally amongst same gender and opposite gender families ("American academy of," 2013). Studies by the American Psychological Association (APA) have shown children raised in a same-sex couple families have the same psychological and social functions as traditional families (APA, 2010). These socio-economic benefits lead directly to the overall health of same-sex families.
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