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Legalize Medical Marijuana Essay

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Legalizing Marijuana for medical purposes would be beneficial for patients and their families, and should be one of the top priorities in the advancement of medicine. As the daughter of a deceased cancer patient, I have seen first hand the effects of chemotherapy, and how marijuana can be helpful in the comfort and recovery of a patient. Not only cancer patients can benefit, but many other patients of debilitating diseases. Studies prove that this non-toxic alternative can be far more effective and less harmful then many standard medications. Unlike many other prescription drugs used to treat theses diseases, there is no known cases of overdose or severe addiction to cannabis.
Cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and anxiety are some of the diseases and disorders that can benefit from cannabis as an alternative medicine to other prescription medications. Cannabis has been proven to alleviate pain and discomfort, control nausea, help regain appetite, relieve pressure from behind the eyes, and allow people with crippling psychiatric disabilities to return and function society. There is evidence of people with spinal injuries able to give up their walkers, and AIDS patients able to gain weight and keep down their medications. People who had used narcotics for such things as pain, and discomfort, claim that after using cannabis as an alternative, they are more functional and conscious in their day to day lives.The leading cause of overdose in America these days, especially with young people, is prescription drugs. The very same drugs that are prescribed to patients to help them, are killing them. Many patients find that taking these medications after treatments and surgeries, they become addicted to them. After taking certain prescription drugs for a period of time their body becomes dependent. Some patients...

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