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Legalized Discrimination In America This Paper Is About How Affirmative Action Is A Form Of Legalized Discrimination Towards Whites In The United States.

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United States history is filled with discrimination and injustice. Many Americans have fought for equality in the past. Dr. King marched for the rights of African Americans; someone needs to take a stand for those who are discriminated against because of affirmative action. Affirmative action is one of the many discrimination battles being debated in America today. "Affirmative action is simply another name for racial preferences" (Sadler 70). Affirmative action is a form of legalized discrimination and should be abolished.For years minority groups have fought for their civil rights in the United States. African Americans, Native Americans, women and the disabled have won numerous civil rights cases in the United States Supreme Court. Their success has brought forth a movement of affirmative action. "Affirmative action we tentatively define as a program for giving preference to individual applicants for positions in educational institutions, or in employment, based on that person's membership in a previously discriminated-against racial, ethnic, or gender minority"(Coates 1). Many minority people get an advantage over white males when it comes to receiving education and jobs in the United States. Affirmative action discriminates against the majority of the United States population. Affirmative action was created to give minorities a greater opportunity to succeed in education and in work, "Injustice is not healed by more injustice..." (Coates 5)."Nearly every elite college in America violates the law" (Robinson 363). Colleges like the University of Michigan award big points towards admission for being a minority; points that an average white applicant would not receive. For example, if a white male applies to a college and a person of a minority also applies to the same school, then the minority applicant gets an advantage because of his or her race. The non-minority applicant may have better grades, higher test scores and more qualifications. It is not fair to award points to applicants based on race or gender. This violates the constitution's proclamation of equal rights for all citizens. Hard work and good grades should be the only reason that universities award points. "[T]he worst kind of racism I can think of is to say that somebody's mind can't do this or that. Obviously the mind, any mind, can do what ever it sets out to do..."(Aparicio 6). Only by equal treatment of all applicants, no matter their race, can true equality exist. Giving points to minority applicants just because they are a minority shows "that affirmative action [is] nothing more that discrimination in reverse" (Lawrence 45). These points awarded to minorities can be looked at as an insult; implying that they are not as smart as the majority. Affirmative action also plays a key role in many professions and business situations.For example, John, a white 30-year-old American citizen went to apply for a government job. He was qualified in many ways and had much experience in...

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