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Legalizing Drug Use Essay

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The arguments that I have just laid out are not perfect and they have some apparent flaws that some philosophers would strongly disagree with, while there are other arguments that some of the great philosophers would agree with. I will critique the arguments that I have just laid out using the perspective of three different philosophers who all have their own ideas of how the state should function and the role of the citizen. The three philosophers that I will use in this critique will be Karl Marx, John Stewart Mill, and John Locke. The reason why I picked these three philosophers is because they all agree with some aspects of my writing, while disagreeing with others. One will disagree with the role of the state and the citizens, but agree with legalizing recreational drug use, while the other two will agree with the role of the state and citizens, but disagree with legalizing drug use.
Karl Marx is the philosopher who would disagree with many of the arguments that I presented above. The reason why Marx would disagree with so many of my arguments is because he is a strong believer of the state being in charge of society and having complete control over the citizens. In the society that I created, it is largely a free society where the people are in charge of their actions and the government has a limited role in the daily transactions that are occurring between citizens. Marx would believe that in my society where there are different social classes, these classes would always be in a battle with one another and will be exploiting the lower class so they can make a bigger profit.
In my society where the political economy is capitalism, there will be a wide variety of incomes. Some citizens will have more smarts, others will be born into the right family, and others will have better luck which will allow these people to make more money and be in a higher social class. Other citizens will not be born into a wealthy family, be well educated, and others will have bad luck and end up in the lower class. There is also a middle class for hard working individuals who are neither weathly nor poor, but have a steady job and can support their family. This will be the largest class in the state.
Marx would disagree with this because multiple classes will eventually lead to the wealthy exploiting the lower classes. Marx would disagree with the middle class being the staple to my society. In his opinion the middle class is nonexistent because one either makes a fortune or hardly anything at all. Marx believes that there are only two classes in society, the property owners and the property less workers (Marx [1884] 2011, 570). Capitalism fails to unite the classes and have them working for a common good, instead it is based on greed and competition which causes the estrangement out of the worker. The estrangement causes the worker to become alienated during work. There are three reasons why the worker becomes alienated and they are:...

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