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Legalizing Gambling Essay

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Why Amendment 33 is a Great Idea

     These are a few reasons why amendment 33 is a great idea for the state of Colorado. This ballot proposal for 2003 will create 25 million dollars in benfits for tourism (the promotion of tourism is Colorado). Next, Colorado will get to keep 61% of the profits made from the video lottery terminals; currently other states casinos give them a 14 % return (Confused). Third, this amendment will create jobs for our slumping economy. Last of all, we will be able to offer something else that other states around us can’t offer (Gambling). When Amendment 33 passes in the state of Colorado, it will boost out slumping economy and help out Colorado.
     This amendment is a great way to generate money for Colorado. Money from this amendment will be spent in many different ways. First, money will be used for open spaces and for local parks and recreations(40% of the total revenue from the video lottery program) (Analysis Proposals). Next, money will go to the States parks and National Parks in Colorado (10% of the total funds from the video lottery program) (Analysis). From there, tourism will receive no more then 25 million dollars a year from Amendment 33. Next, 48.7 million dollars from the program will to the GOCO for the 2002-03 budget year to help adjust annual inflation (Analysis). Last, all the remaining funds will be used for the building of Public schools and for health and safety. With the money amendment 33 will make, there will be an increase in jobs in Colorado.
     Colorado is not in the best of shape right now and needs something to help it more create jobs. With amendment 33, jobs will be created. It is hard to find a decent job right now, and when amendment 33 passes, it will generate money and new jobs. With more money spend, people buy more from their local Merchants. So the businesses get more money, they have more to spend so they buy more, everyone wins. The video lottery program is a great idea to help strengthen the...

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