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Legalizing Hemp Production Essay

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Since there has been a lot of talk about legalizing marijuana, hemp has also found itself on the forefront of media attention. During the segment, Upfront on 88.1 KFCF, they had a guest by the name of Doug Fine. Doug is the author of Hemp Bound: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution. He has become somewhat of an advocate for bringing back hemp into industrial production. In the segment he explained that we have a history of using hemp on positive ways, that our country would greatly benefit from growing it industrially and there aren’t any concerns of it leading to more marijuana production. While they were discussing the history, benefits and possible ...view middle of the document...

Second, the "fact" is not a fact.” (Mount) He does mention that drafts of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights may have been written on paper made with hemp, but this is not proven. The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration reiterates this in their Declaration facts section saying that it was on parchment treated with lime for its strength. If it was written on paper, whether or not made of hemp, most likely it would not stand the test of time.
Next, the fact that appeared to be a bit of an exaggeration was when Doug Fine mentioned that Canadian farmers are profiting 300 dollars per acre for hemp production. This was to support his argument that we should be producing it here in the United States for financial benefits. Since I’m not in the farming industry, or know anything about it, it felt appropriate to research this a little further. According to an article in the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, “Canadian farmers are reporting net profits of $200 to $250 per acre.” (Hansen) The exaggeration at first looks minimal, but once one considers 1000 acres, a fifty to one hundred dollar difference becomes quite a bit. The other issue that comes to mind, is if hemp was to be industrially produced in the United States, more than likely the profit margins would shrink. More supply of hemp, would cause less demand and in effect less profit for the farmers.
The last fact that stood out to me was also presented by Doug Fine. He reassured those concerned with hemp farmers hiding marijuana in their fields that it was impossible to grow both. At first, this appeared to be a way of pacifying people without coming up with a better and possibly more expensive solution. However, after some additional research, I found it actually is a fact that you cannot grow marijuana and hemp in the same field.
In the report, “Hemp and Marijuana: Myths and Realities” by David P. West, Ph.D., it is...

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