Legalizing Marijuana Essay

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Legalizing Marijuana
Eugene Resto
SOC 120
Heather Strouse
April 19, 2012

Legalizing Marijuana has been one of the main topics in Supreme Court. The debates have
been long and have been carried out for many years and still till today they are still debating on
it. The debate and discussion is should marijuana be legal or illegal. Well first of all I have
never done drugs in my life, but I will agree that marijuana should be legalized. Now by being
legalized I am saying that the government should have some riles and restrictions and it
definitely should be tax. Now some of the restriction should be how much you can have on you
and how much you can have in your house, you are not a lot to grow it because they should be
pot shop in place for that and you are not allowed to be smoking it out in the public.
Now the downside of legalizing marijuana is your health. Smoking lot amounts of marijuana
will mess you up in the long run. High risk in memory lost is one of them and it not the
marijuana that cause this it's the effects of this drug. Chronic abuse of the drug can cause long
term memory loss, which is permanent. Another effect of it is that Marijuana is addictive, and
there are a number of people who argue against this fact according to Bonader (2010).
Now there are a lot of side effects also. Well for people who are too skinny this drug here will
boost up your appetite or in other words the Munchies. The other one is flash backs, this one
right here involves a lot of soldiers who have fought in the Vietnam War. Marijuana fields all
where all over the place so getting it was easy. Some soldiers smoke marijuana because of the
conditions they were in. Marijuana acted like a relaxer and calms your nerves in other words

you are Chilin. A lot of soldiers took it so they can stay awake and alert. Now that they are
home they suffer from flash back because of the over use of this herb.
Now the good side of Marijuana is proven threw science and medicine. According to the
American College of Physician marijuana is a tremendous health benefit. Marijuana help s
people with appetite problems and it also help people that are going through chemo-therapy
because it's an antiemetic (anti-vomiting remedy). Glaucoma is eye condition in which the optic
nerve is damage causing visual information to travel to the brain and it has been proven that
marijuana treats this condition.
Utilitarianism suggest that in a dilemma a choice must be made as to what produces the best
result for the greater number affected by that choice. So what we have to do is make this
perspective of legalizing marijuana clear. There is a lot of good that can come out of it. Another
theory is Deontology, there is no denial regarding the acts that have consequences; however the
consequences of these acts should be suitably affected by moral evaluation on our end Mosser
(2010). So we have to look at the health benefits in deciding to legalizing the rights or not. They
have worst drugs out there...

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