Legalizing Marijuana: Helpful Or Deadly? Essay

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In the early 70’s , marijuana or as it was called mary jane was used in everyday life. The position of legalizing it was much more definitive in those days. Today the stance in America is struggling with their position on this topic because it seems to be considered an illicit drug. The users who have been caught, are put in jail with murders making some to wonder if it should be considered illegal to the extent it is put in the category of cocaine, heroin, and meth . However, it can be used for its medical purpose. Throughout this paper, examination of marijuana will be conducted to show the benefits and hindrances, in order to make an informative position on such a controversial topic.
Marijuana is defined as the product of Cannabis sativa, a hemp plant. The leaves and flowers of the plants are the main substances. There are various ways of consuming marijuana such as being dried, crushed, and smoked ...view middle of the document...

Currently, marijuana in general has been legalized in twenty-three states including California, Connecticut, and Arizona among others. In addition, the government can monitor the purity of the substance if legalized to provide the safety of those who consumed too much.
Yet, advocates against legalization argue the medicinal purpose is fallacious. Marijuana does suppress the post symptoms felt but stimulates the progression of the disease which the patient is receiving treatment for. Moreover, the patient smoking the marijuana can cause the immune system cells in the lungs to diminish. The later can affect the individual with additional infections, similar to pneumonia which can be threatening to the already weakened immune system. Furthermore, The National Institute of Drug Abuse also cites a 1992 clinical study that showed smoking marijuana increases the likelihood of developing head or neck cancer, and that this risk increases with increased marijuana use. Studies have shown that the use of Marijuana effects your mental health. In a 2007 article published in "Acta Psychiatria Scandinavia," lead author R. Skinner found more positive psychotic symptoms were reported in those who commenced marijuana use at an early age.
Personally after examining both positions on this topic, I find marijuana should be legalized because the medicinal purposes do help the patients spend the time they have with their loved ones doing things instead of being sick all the time. I wouldn’t want a young child to remember the last moments with their dying parent to be one of them in the bathroom sick but rather riding bikes together. Also, the people caught with it should not be put in jail with hard-core criminals. This is due to federal law which still prohibits the cultivation, purchase, sale, or use of marijuana conflicting with state laws. As a result, only one law should be made to provide a collaborating stance on this issue. Therefore, if it is in its natural form it should be legal to inhale or consume. My opinion might not be one that someone else might agree with but I am entitled to it and I respect any opposing views. In return, I expect the same respect.

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