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Legalizing Marijuana In The United States

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Medical marijuana has being legalized in several states. Also marijuana is being decriminalized in many states. I agree with those both of these actions should expand. The Medical industry has realized the value of medicinal marijuana for treatment in cancer, diabetes, seizures, Crohn's disease as well as muscle spasms, poor appetite and weight loss , and nerve pain.Marijuana has being legal in the states of Colorado, Alaska, Washington D.C, Arizona, California and many more. But in some areas in the United States the use of marijuana is very serious and can cause you to make time in jail, as well as any other drugs.

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Alcohol also causes you to act aggressive and do things that you don’t even mean, because you’re unconscious. Consuming alcohol has led to rapes, domestic abuse, and verbal as well. So how such thing is can be legal in the country but not drugs? The effects of drugs however are the total opposite. It causes people to be more relaxed, calmed and type slow. Practically feeling “high” as they say. But everything that we consume always has something has consequence to our body.

Around 1970’s, the world’s biggest drug dealers was at a war with the United States and even Columbia. His name was Pablo Escobar. Pablo Escobar was so powerful that even he had an agreement with another member of the drug industry to form their own army. He killed anyone who betrayed him. Escobar had his family; he was married for about 15 years and had two children. Pablo had so much money and power that when they told him he can’t run for anything in the government he really got pissed off to the point where he wanted revenge. He blew hospitals and wanted to even blow up airports as his payback of course. Even though this man sounds like a very dangerous person in reality he's not, he helped others in need. He was trying to provide for others that didn’t have much, that’s why some many people in Columbia looked up to him, they didn’t see him as a bad person but as a savior. He has become one of the world biggest drug dealer till this day. Many documentaries has being made about him.

Besides this drug dealer, there are also drug wars going on in Mexico today.This includes the “Cartels” they traffic drugs in such places like Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Jamaica, Netherland, Russia and many more. By now most of us know how Mexico is leading to, is become a very dangerous country full of killings and drugs. Drugs’ trafficking has escalated to the max, to...

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