Legalizing Medical Marijuana: Treating Chronic Pain, Curing Cancer, And Mood Disorders

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Should medical marijuana be legal across the United States? Imagine a world where individuals who have chronic pain did not have to suffer anymore. Envision a cure for cancer, a disease many Americans are killed by daily. Picture people with severe, violent mood disorders being treated. Most people think the answers to these problems are simple and could be solved by over medicating patients. Today, there are twenty states in America who have legalized medical marijuana for specific health and medical related conditions (Medical Marijuana 1). The United States should legalize medical marijuana so patients who suffer from chronic pain can be treated, cancer could be cured, and mood disorders can be treated.
Legalizing medical marijuana in the United States could cure many health issues such as chronic pain. Bill McCarberg states that cannabinoids found in marijuana have been shown to be effective in reducing pain (1). For example, researchers “gave oral THC or a placebo at random to hospitalized cancer patients who were in severe pain. The THC relieved the pain for several hours in doses as low as five to ten milligrams, and for even longer at twenty milligrams” (Grinspoon and Bakalar 93). As a result, researchers were able to prove that marijuana can be used to relieve chronic pain for patients with severe cancer, and other painful diseases. Another example is a twenty-seven year old man who was referred to a neurology clinic for evaluation and treatment of his severe spasticity. The man experienced vision loss and acute weakness in both legs. He went through episodes of severe leg spasms at night. The man could not tolerate the side effects of pain medication; therefore he tried to relieve his leg pain with Tylenol and Aspirin. A friend of his suggested that the he should try medical marijuana. The man had a marijuana cigarette in the evening when his severe legs spasms were intense and found that within minutes, his symptoms were relieved. Marijuana appeared to offer this patient many benefits over many treatments recommended from his doctor. (Petro 113-14). Nevertheless, there is research to support that medical marijuana can relieve chronic pain.
Additionally, medical marijuana could also cure cancer, a vigorous disease that kills many people daily. Research shows that THC is the main cannabinoid associated with marijuana and has been recognized to contain a strong anti-cancer effect. Wai Liu, a researcher discovered that there are numerous less known cannabinoids that may decrease the growth of cancer cells in Leukemia. Liu also found out that because the cannabinoids are not psychoactive, a patient could have the anti-cancer benefits without having the high feeling associated with THC (Bekiempis 1). Thus, marijuana does not target all rapidly dividing cells like the way chemotherapy or radiation does – which leads to weight and hair loss. Rather, the marijuana attacks the cancer (Bekiempis 1). Additionally, medical...

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