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Legalizing Drugs Like Marijuana Essay

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Society has always seen smoking cannabis as a taboo culture. But, is marijuana as bad as society thinks it to be? Cannabis has been illegal since 1930 in the United States in the vain hope that, it will actually abate the production and use of marijuana. But prohibition has done more harm than good. It has done nothing but costing tax payers money, filling prisons with nonviolent criminal and creating a black market. Now the question would be, how do we get rid of this? Let’s make its use legal. Legalization of marijuana has gain large popularity mostly because of its medical use. Colorado has legalized recreational use of marijuana recently. Legalization will also put an end to the discriminatory behaviors towards minor groups. Of course this legalization will come with some terms and conditions like what age group will be allowed to take it, who can sell it, etc.
With the argument of “Marijuana Legalization” comes the question “Should we allow our kids to smoke weeds?” Legalizing weeds will not certainly stop the unknown affection towards the cannabis in a young boys mind, but this legalization will make it difficult for them to buy marijuana. Just like our policy on alcohol, all state should prohibit possession of marijuana by those under age 21. People will also have to show their ID card while purchasing. With the current marijuana law, you can only throw a kid in jail for using cannabis, but it will not stop them from smoking cannabis. They can always buy marijuana from a black market dealer without showing their ID. If we legalize recreational use of cannabis, kids below 21 years will not be able to purchase marijuana. So, legalization will actually abate the use of marijuana among kids below 21 years old.
If we just say that marijuana is legal, people can smoke it anywhere they want; even while driving or working at office. A new study by Booze shows that drivers who smoke marijuana within a few hours of hitting the road are almost twice as likely as stone-sober motorists to be in a crash that results in serious injury or death. Therefore, smoking while driving and driving while high should be made illegal. Companies should not fire employees for smoking marijuana. "I'm not going to fire somebody if they smoke pot, but I don't want them doing it in the office," said Spire CEO Mike Gellman. So, smoking marijuana should be illegal at work or in any public places for that matter. If you are irresponsible about the use of cannabis, your performance will get you fired. People should smoke cannabis privately in their home for recreational purposes only.
Legalization would save the considerable economic and social costs of the current criminal prohibition system. Dale Gieringer, in an article posted in NORM said that, current federal drug enforcement programs run at $13 billion per year. In California, the Legislative Analyst’s Office estimated the cost of state drug enforcement programs at around $640 million...

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