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Legalizing Prostitution Essay

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There is no profession in this world that has lasted longer than prostitution- the selling of sexual services. Despite the age of this field, there is a lot of controversy over whether it should be legal or if it is even morally correct to do. There are places all over the world where prostitution is legal, but in the United States only two of the fifty states have legalized it-Rhode Island and Nevada. But there is a lot of evidence to suggest that Prostitution should be legalized in all fifty states because it is a perfectly legal and beneficial career.One argument against legalizing prostitution is that it would cause an increase in sexually transmitted diseases. This is actually false if the proper standards are taken. Should prostitution be legalized, there would be regulations in place to make sure all prostitutes are clean and free of any diseases. According to STD Advisor Richard Steen, legalizing prostitution would actually cause a decrease in disease spread. "In Kenya, where the importance of chancroid in HIV transmission was first described in the late 1980s, interventions targeting sex workers and STD patients were implemented. Reported condom use by sex workers has since increased to over 80% in project areas and the incidence of genital ulcers has declined." (Steen, 2001) If prostitution were to be legalized, the government could quickly put standards in place to ensure that all registered sex workers are not disease ridden, and the ones that are will not be allowed to practice their service.Another argument against the legalization of prostitution is that it's morally incorrect. But who determines what our morals are but us? The Constitution of the United States was formed off the basis of a multitude of freedoms guaranteed to all of its citizens. Is a woman selling her sexual services any different than, say, a carpenter selling his carpentry services? The act of sex in of itself certainly isn't illegal, so why should selling sexual services be? As long as it's consensual and within legal regulations, it shouldn't be.While the weak negatives of prohibiting legal prostitution are glorified, there are quite a few benefits to legalizing prostitution that many don't know about. One of the many social factors directly or indirectly related to prostitution is crime. According to data assembled by Mark Liberator via that compares the United States to eight other nations with high crime rates, the United States is second among this dreaded group of nations in murder per capita to Mexico. The U.S. is also second in rape per capita to Canada. We have .05 and .32 murders and rapes per capita, respectively. The U.S. is first, however, by a wide margin in both adults prosecuted and prisoners per capita, at 50.6 and 6.4. The Netherlands, however, is an interesting case. Despite being internationally known as a nation riddled with crime, the Netherlands is actually dead last among this list in murders and rapes per capita at .01...

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