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Legalizing The Use Of Medicinal Marijuana

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Marijuana is a very controversial topic because of its high use as a recreational drug. However many people do not know that there are some positives to this drug. Studies show that at least 50 percent of people do not know the health risks and benefits of this drug (Shortsleeve Cassie). Legalizing the use of Medicinal Marijuana would impact people with terminal illness, those who suffer from chronic illness, as well as those who experience intense pain from injuries without the negative side effects of traditional painkillers.
Marijuana is most well known for its use as a recreational drug. In marijuana many of the chemicals used in creating the drug version are activated as they are exposed to intense heat creating the high (Anderson, Greg). When Marijuana is used as medicine the chemicals are still there, however they are not being exposed to intense heat so the negative and damaging high is not present and the chemicals become irrelevant (Anderson, Greg). However, it is not the chemicals that are present that makes this drug have a great impact on the patients, it is the side effects. Some of the most well known side effects of Marijuana include easing pain as well as curbing nausea and increasing hunger (Anderson, Greg).
For people with terminal illnesses these side effects are a very positive thing. An example of terminal illness this medicine would be treating for is cancer (Anderson, Greg). Cancer patients undergo awful side effects from chemotherapy. The common side effects from chemotherapy include extreme nausea and vomiting which cause a loss of appetite, pain or general discomfort, as well as insomnia or not being able to sleep at night (Anderson, Greg). Marijuana works to help treat these symptoms so the body can heal faster and give terminal patients more time to live. Marijuana eases the nausea so a patient does not vomit (Anderson, Greg). When most people experience nausea they have a loss of appetite. This causes many cancer patients undergoing the chemotherapy process to loose a lot of weight which is bad because even if a patient is not terminal it can slow down the recovery process (Southwest Medical). When Medical Marijuana is taken is makes a patient hungry which increases their appetite causing them to gain the weight back and speed towards recovery a little bit faster (Southwest Medical). When a patient is gaining the weight back it can cause for more energy (Southwest Medical). This can mean a happier mood which makes the process easier on the families (Peoples Health). This can also mean that a patient with cancer who has more energy can spend more time doing activities with family and friends therefore, taking their mind off the illness and easing the anxiety that comes with it as well (Peoples Health).
Another negative side of having a terminal illness can be depression. It is not uncommon for a person dealing with a terminal illness to become depressed (Peoples Health). Depression not only...

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