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Legalizing The Selling Of Unpasteurized Milk

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When produced from a grass fed, healthy, clean animal, unpasteurized milk is a completely safe alternative to pasteurized milk. Raw milk has not been pasteurized or homogenized, it has more nutritional value considering it has not been heated to kill of pathogens (Imus). Raw milk is only unsafe when it comes from overproduced factory cattle. These cattle are in the wrong conditions for healthy milk production (“The Industrial Milk Factory”). It should be legal to sell unpasteurized milk in the local community. The buying, selling, and distribution of pasteurized milk would help boost the local economy and it would also help the local citizens make ends meet. It is much healthier and safer to know where your milk is coming from, rather than to buy it from a larger chain store.
Raw milk has been proven to be more nutritious than pasteurized milk. When milk is pasteurized, it is heated to kill off pathogens. It also takes away some of the vitamins and minerals. Raw milk from cattle has eight essential amino acids. About 80% of those are easy for our digestive systems to break down (“Health Benefits of Raw Milk). When milk is pasteurized, it is heated to 161 degrees Fahrenheit for about fifteen seconds. Isabel Maples states that some people believe raw milk is an antibacterial. It contains lactoferrin which contains iron. Raw milk contains Vitamin A, which is fat soluble. It is removed when fat content is lowered during pasteurization. All milk is fortified with Vitamin D. She also states that pasteurization causes a loss of Vitamin K. It is necessary for blood clotting and also helps with bone strength. “Pasteurization means a loss of half the Vitamin C in milk and 38-60% of other water soluble vitamins (Maples).”
Milk production has been turned into an industry in the last century. It used to be that people could go to their own or a neighbor’s back yard and get milk, but these days’ farms have thousands of cattle who are all milked several times a day. They are not fed the food they need, nor are they kept in the proper hygiene conditions.
Conventionally raised cows, advocates argue, need their milk to be pasteurized because they eat feed and live on bacteria-prone industrial farms. Grass fed cows do not reside in such dangerous conditions, and therefore, their milk is actually less likely cause illnesses (Imus).
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that the second largest cause of foodborne illnesses are related to dairy products. This fact is concerning because all yogurts, milks, and cheeses have to be pasteurized by law. They also state that 9.4 million people drink unpasteurized milk, and approximately 42 of them get sick a year. That is an astonishingly low number compared to the amount of people who get sick from pasteurized dairy products (“Government Data Proves Raw Milk Safe). Illnesses could be prevented by treating cattle how they should be treated and taking care of them properly.
Dairy cattle on...

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