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Director Robert Luketic brings the story of Elle Woods to the big screen in the 2001 romantic comedy, Legally Blonde. The score was produced by Rolfe Kent. Beginning with the theme song, “Perfect Day” by Hoku sets an upbeat mood in the college party scene. A trip through the campus brings together sounds of bicycle bell rings, football players whistling, and sighs of happiness. A New Future is Born begins with a soft melody as Elle prepares for her thrilling night her heels clink down the stairs.. The soft melody continues to play in the background creating a whimsical setting as Elle and Warner romantically kiss and head off to dinner.
Elle and Warner begin a conversation at the restaurant with a toast as their champagne glasses clang together. The scene blends into a quiet state as Warner says, “I think we should break up.” Soft music sets in motion and she creates a display of horror on her face. She starts hysterically crying as the music becomes rapid she gets up to leave the restaurant. The music dims out as she is walking home and all that is heard is the clinking of her heels on the pavement. Starving of Depression initiates the sounds of birds chirping outside the school campus. Elle’s in her dorm and soft music begins to play as a sad love movie plays in the background. Elle’s friends soon take her out to distract her; this activates a fast and happy orchestra that represents the change of mood.
I’m Going to Harvard starts with birds chirping outside and soft, relaxing music playing in the background. As soft music plays in the background, Elle tells her friends that she is going to Harvard Law School. Video Essay and Exam is the start to a new adventure and a fast orchestra plays in the background of her essay to represent the positive change. Soon after, the sound of the judge’s gavel hits the stand and her studying adventure for the L.S.A.T.S begins. Elle takes the exam and the music gets faster as the anticipation increases to see the results.
Elle gets accepted to Harvard and music gets louder and faster as she enters the campus. A Fish Out Of Water begins with the sounds of her heels clinking up the stairs of the school. Elle enters her first class with the sound of students typing and flipping pages of the textbook in the background of the lecture. Elle gets reprimanded and leaves the classroom by slamming the door. Finally Someone Nice begins as Elle meets a new student but is soon interrupted by Warner to see that he has a fiancé. His fiancé’s ring catches Elle’s eye and slow, gloomy music begins. Elle drives away with her engine loud as she speeds with the radio blasting. Elle goes to the nail salon and a handsome deliveryman arrives as “Get Down On It” by Kool & The Gang plays in the background.
As the beginning brings faster and upbeat music, the music in the middle is gloomier and slow. Homesick starts with a soft, sad orchestra as Elle sits in her dorm. Elle suddenly...

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