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Legend of Mana is a Playstation video game released about eleven years ago. The basic story is that there is a giant Tree of Mana that provides energy to the world, but it has become corrupted and it is the player's job to fight the monsters that have arisen in the World of Mana and eventually purify the tree. The game includes an eclectic group of mythological archetypes, some of which are not seen much in modern media, and that is one of the big draws of this game. There are some very common archetypes like dragons, gods, spirits, afterlife, and a pirate epic. The two myths that are not portrayed in modern tales often are soul mates and the world tree.
There are many different types of dragons in the game, ranging from minor baby dragons to gigantic demon dragons and reanimated skeletal dragons. Throughout the game, there are small kid, sky, and land dragons that are encountered in many dungeons and don't put up much of a fight, but there are four dragon bosses in four different dungeons. There is a skeletal dragon boss that guards a treasure room in one point of the game, but doesn't add much to the overall plot or the story; it is more like a side quest, even though half the stories in the game are side quests. When the dragon boss story starts, the player is told that there are three dragons that guard the different landmasses of the world and that they must be sought out. When approaching the first in the White Forest, it is discovered that they each have a guardian that follows out their will upon the world. The first dragon, the white dragon, fights the player after their guardian is defeated to test their worthiness to carry out the mission. Upon succeeding, it sends the player to the second dragon, a bird dragon that lives in some mountains and has a group of bird monks called Windcallers as guardians. It turns out that the second dragon, named Akravator, is corrupted by a gem attached to its body and the player must destroy it to cleanse it. After this is completed, the player goes to the Underworld, where deep at the bottom the third dragon's guardian waits. After defeating him, the player is then approached by the dragon, named Drakonis, disguised as a human. It turns out that Drakonis has decided to try and overthrow the others and gain control over the world, so the player must stop him after he transforms into a red demonic dragon even bigger than the last two.
There is a group of beings known as the Seven Wisdoms in the game that act similarly to a pantheon of gods. They each have their own distinct personalities, characteristics, powers, and responsibilities. Gaeus is a giant rock elemental that lives attached to the cave entrance to the underground passage he guards. He can bar passage to anyone, but usually lets anyone brave or foolish enough through once he has given them some advice. Tote is a very old turtle that often falls on his back and is unable to get up without the aid of travelers. Once...

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