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Legend Of The Ender Dragon Essay

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There was once a young lad named Steve who lived in the village of Tyek on the Island of Hy Brasil. Now Tyek was a beautiful place, surrounded by green rolling hills and Victorian era buildings. But it was constantly under attack by the Ender Dragons who would raid their village every week and if the Tyeks resisted the Ender Dragons would set things on fire forcing them to create new houses every time there was a raid. Every time there was a raid everyone tried to grab a weapon to fight the dreaded Ender Dragons but it just wouldn’t do much good.

But one day things changed when everyone was running in every direction trying to escape the Ender Dragon raid. People were really getting tired ...view middle of the document...

The first shot missed, landing into Lake Vabor, causing the Ender Dragon to veer to the left towards the hills. But as night was settling Steve knew he was running out of time and had to get this thing sooner rather than later. So he shot at it but since the Ender Dragon retreated into the forest when he shot multiple shots at it he couldn’t tell if he had killed it or not. And neither could anyone else.

As he went inside to the O’Rory’s Pub he couldn’t seem to convince anyone that he had shot the thing, much less hit it.

“Oh come on”, Amy said, “everyone knows you missed.”

“And you can tell how, your windows were fogged up by Ender Dragon breath?”, Glek told her.

Everyone seemed to be in disbelief that he had shot the Ender Dragon and hit it except for his boss, Glek. Glek had made him an apprentice when he was just fourteen years old, almost nineteen he was almost a good a blacksmith as Glek was. Glek originally started him on simple things like daggers and dinner ware such as forks, spoons, and knives. But now he was onto more serious weaponry such as swords, shields, armor, and yes, even cannons.


“Look”, George the barkeep interrupted them all, “if he can make us a cannon then he can just make us some more. We certainly can better prepare ourselves for the next attack. What do you say, boy, think you can do it?”

Steve stood for a moment, not saying a word, and nodded after a long stare at George. Glek was very upset, not wanting his beloved apprentice to get involved in such a situation who was worried that he would survive such a trek. But back at the stables, which Glek bought from a horse trader years ago, Glek confronted Steve about his choice. Over the years, as Steve became more endeared to Glek the more the stable looked more like a hut, a more than suitable living space for a young man.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Steve?”, Glek asked as the sun came up as Steve was preparing himself for the long journey he had to go on.

“I’m sorry, Glek”, he said, “it’s just something I have to do.”

“Well, if that’s the case, here”, Glek said as he handed him several weapons: a bright silver sword, a bronze shield with a tree on it, and a bow and several arrows. The arrows were exploding arrows that acted like dynamite that burst into the air and before he knew it Glek was watching Steve trek along into the hills with the armor on his back. The air was reasonably warm but inside he was cold, cold with fear of his impending fate.

Steve made his way deep into the alpine covered trees when he saw it flying around. He remembered Glek telling him about the Black Death, that special kind of Ender Dragon that no one in all of Hy Brasil could even kill. This thing whatever it was could scare anyone away with just its flaming red eyes and black as soot skin. Glek told him how when he was a boy the Black Death had scared away the entire village, and no one returned to the village for twenty years. Well, that was thirty years ago...

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