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The 1920s was a time of happiness, fun, hope, and excitement. This was a time where people thought absolutely anything could happen. New inventions like the automobile and the radio were just coming out. And everyone was dancing merrily to the new form of music, called jazz. However, that was not the only form of entertainment during the Roaring Twenties, there was also, animation. Walt Disney was just one of the many legends that contributed too many people’s happiness through his entertainment. Disney’s creative work and unique artistic ability led to many smiles, laughter, and entertainment in the 1920s.
Disney grew up in Marceline, Missouri and had a very early start on animation and art. For example, when he was young he found nature, wildlife, his family, and his community interesting, which all appeared later on in his cartoons. Not only that but, when he was a child he would often sell his paintings to his neighbors to make extra money. He also, pursued his dream by studying art at McKinley High School and at a local museum. However, it did not last long because by the age of 17, Disney had dropped out of school to serve in World War l. However, he was rejected because he was too young to serve, so he decided to join the Red Cross instead. He then became an ambulance driver which was covered with Disney cartoons instead of the normal Red Cross logo. When he returned he had not abandoned animation but made primitive animated advertising cartoons. Later on, he went further with his art career and went to Hollywood with only $20.00, a suitcase, and his supportive brother and partner, Roy Disney. There they started their first set of cartoons, called Laugh-o-Rama’s. Soon after that, he had a studio, hit TV series like Mickey Mouse Club and Silly Symphony Cartoons, and staff. However, since Disney had received very little amount of schooling he had to educate himself and his artists in art technique. He also did other things to improve art education like, as Movie Treasures states, “Disney was always trying to push animation forward; he had his staff take art classes to improve their drawing and eventually established a school on the studio premises” [6]. It is clear that Disney was a very determined to make his art better, and this determination led to many possibilities for him in the future.
Disney became a public figure by the age of 13, and it was easy to tell that he was not a simple man. He believed absolutely in his own instincts and abilities, and he would go any lengths to ensure that all the work was completed just the way he wanted it to be. His first accomplishment was the start of Mickey Mouse in, “Steamboat Willie” which was the first fully synchronized sound cartoon. He also made a series called, “Alice Comedies,” which was the recognized Hollywood figure by Disney, this also made him popular. Disney brought a wonderful maturity to the art fields and ever since then he created new kinds of pop culture feature in live...

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