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Leiningen Versus The Ants Essay

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The Killer AntsOverconfident: Excessively confident; presumptuous. Leiningen, a plantation owner, is an overconfident man who believes that nothing, not even elements-"act of God" can intimidate or defeat him. He boastfully states, "I'm not going to run from it just because an elementals on the way....When I began this model farm plantation three years ago, I took into account all that could conceivably happen to it. And now I'm ready for anything and everything-including your ants". Not even the Brazilian official's thought-provoking words would make him think twice of his actions. From his experience, Leiningen confidently felt that these ants were probably no different from the other elementals.Leiningen truly believes he is a flawless man who can overcome anything the killer ants bring towards him. When the ants reach the general location of his plantation he doesn't feel the least bit threatened by them because of the defensive tactics he has set for them. Leiningen built a ditch surrounding his plantation that also connected to a river that was supposed to keep the ants away. It wasn't long before the deadly ants used leaves for rafts and sailed across the moat only to overcome Leiningen's major defense. "...thousands were already drowning in the sluggish creeping flow, but they were followed by troop after troop, who clambered over their sinking comrades, and then themselves served as dying brides to the reserves hurrying on in their rear."After Leiningen lost some of his workers from the invasion of the ants he realized that his dam obviously wasn't fulfilling its meaning and he needed to fix it so he could then brilliantly flood the plantation to drown the ants. Risking his life to repair the dam, he then had to solve the problem of how he would reach the destination which was nearly 2 miles from where he was and the land...

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