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Leisure Map Essay

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In today’s society, it is difficult for students to understand where there time is spent. Whether the leisure time is spent studying or commuting or playing sports. The purpose of the assignment was to understand how we spend our time by plotting it on a leisure map. This assignment is useful in understanding how much of our time was spent doing leisure activities. The focus of this essay is around exercise because my leisure map revealed that I spent a lot of my time working out. This essay will discuss how exercise is a major part of my life and the influence it has on improving my confidence and self-esteem. Exercise allows an outlet from personal issues. Exercise is influenced by ...view middle of the document...

It is an outlet because it allows me to escape to a place where I do not have to worry about my family, school, or work. Exercising relieves unwanted stress which can be more harm than good if not resolved. According to Petruzzello and Motl’s (2006) chapter in College Students, exercise can reduce the risk of anxiety and depression; also people who exercise have better mental health. They also explain during exercise the temperature increase triggers a muscular relaxation response, which ultimately reduces anxiety or depression. Petruzzello and Motl’s (2006) also mentioned that the release of neurotransmitters which are released during exercise can help reduce stress and the onset of illness caused by stress. Without a coping mechanism stress can be hazardous to the body, physically and mentally. Physical Activity & Sport in the Lives of Girls (1997) states that the inability to effectively cope with stress can lead to emotional distress, clinical depression and anxiety disorders. By making time to reduce or relieve stress by exercising can be very beneficial to prevent such illnesses from occurring. Since stress is present in everyone’s life and occurs daily, it is important to find a strategy which will reduce or eliminate the stress. Reducing stress with exercise is a helpful coping strategy, but it also keeps the individual physically healthy. The stress of family, school and work is difficult to manage but with the help of exercising, it seems to reduce the pressure and allows an escape from the stress.
Although exercise, in my life, is important and the type of exercise I do is not easily accepted. As previously mentioned in the essay, my exercise is usually boxing or kickboxing. It is not seen as an appropriate sport for females to play because it is violent and not ‘lady-like’. This is the gender difference present in society created through femininity and masculinity. A female is seen as gentle, passive and delicate, while a male is seen as aggressive, dominant and strong. As a female who enjoys an aggressive activity as leisure, I find it difficult to understand the reasoning behind which activities are suited for one gender but not the other. The role of leisure in a female’s life is still connected to a historical view. Although we still live in a modern society, history still plays an important role on women and men. Tomlinson states that leisure for women was often work within a household or child-care related. While the men worked and provided to for the family, women were expected to take care of the house and children. By these restraints women were limited to leisure activities and usually turned to their domestic responsibilities. Tomlinson also states that leisure is shaped through femininity and masculinity. The social construction of femininity and masculinity limit the activities one can do because socially it is deemed inappropriate. Not to say that people follow the limitations which are constructed, but it is followed...

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