Relaxation Techniques And Effects On Mental Health

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Relaxation has never been easy, but it has been proven to occur when one’s mental processes and muscles have been relaxed. It is a very safe method and can be practiced through many different techniques. It has remained side by side to help with areas of therapy and has been very beneficial to countless of people worldwide.
A very well- known technique is the Jacobson’s Progressive Relaxation therapy; which, has been an aid for psychologists when dealing with aggressive behavior in behavior therapy. Relaxation has been proven to stimulate the parasympathetic system and its bodily reactions; which, in turn, has effects on muscle relaxation and lowering of one’s heart rate. Progressive muscle relaxation training has been very effective for ideologies such as reinforcement, overlearning, and classical conditioning. According to the Cambridge handbook of violent behavior and aggression, studies on behaviorally disordered elementary kids have been linked to positive results in relaxation training (Lopata, 2003). Results showed adequate outcomes in these children behavior’s in a short period of time. Another study has also shown positive effects in high school students who have been trained in progressive muscle relaxation therapy. The high school students with training exhibited lower state anxiety scores than the students who did not. Also located in Mosby's dictionary of medicine, nursing, & health professions, progressive muscle relaxation is noted as a nursing intervention; “defined as facilitating the tensing and releasing of successive muscle groups while attending to the resulting differences in sensation (Mosby, 2012)” For example, how would one practice this technique on a daily basis? First off, sit in a chair with body erect, while laying hands on your lap. Practice tightening and relaxing each muscle group for 20 seconds each, two times a day, for a duration of 15 minutes; noticing the differentiation of relaxation and tension. This relaxation technique has been effective with stress management as well. In conclusion, progressive muscle relaxation therapy has been proven effective and should be incorporated in everyday exercises.
Another known relaxation technique would be visualization. Guides are often used such as photos or videos for different aspects of visualization training. Visualization is an effective relaxation technique for elite athletes. Beginners in training often start off with real- life, sport- specific stimuli; where it progresses to concentration and finally to engagement. The whole goal for visualization is to relax and picture the end goal or want. The athlete can envision themselves preparing, engaging, and achieving their victory. One can also visualize specific skills around a challenging task or move in their overall performance. From an athlete’s visualization training, one should acquire more confidence or motivation to reach their desired outcomes. Visualization techniques are effective in relaxation, thus...

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