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Ginger DayleMarch 2004English 109PlaywritingQuestions for Langford Wilson's Lemon Sky1. The structure that Langford Wilson chose for Lemon Sky is a unique, non-exactly-chronological choice for storytelling. Although I found it confusing at first, it did draw me in right away because of its unusual approach and ended up working quite well. It is hard for me to determine one succinct inciting incident in this play because the action that happens between the characters is the action that incites the narrator Alan to be telling the story twenty years later. I think the primary conflict is Alan having been raised without his father since he was about five. This primary conflict came out of the fact that Doug had been cheating on Alan's mother for years, eventually marrying an unknowing Ronnie in secret and then running off to California. I think an important concept Wilson was trying to show was how innocent and optimistic Alan was when he first came to California. Although this ca be seen form his interaction with his new family, it is more clearly outlined by the wiser Alan of the 1970s. The older Alan was there every step of the way narrating the piece, describing how he felt, what things were really like, and what he would have done or said differently. He also pointed out things that may have seemed minor to the audience but factored into the plot largely later on. An example of this is when Penny is introduced. He describes her as "great" but "sort of a dope." This makes her seem forgettable, an almost unimportant character. But then Alan mentions that she will factor in importantly later on. He does this so that we don't just dismiss Penny and also to be prepared for a climatic moment her each time she is in a scene. Indeed, she is a substantial character in the main climax of the play. Another reason I think Wilson may have chosen to use some representational exposition instead of all presentational exposition was to highlight what parts of the story were most significant to Alan. As Alan narrates, he breezes through parts of the story that weren't relevant to the climax and repeats parts that he feels bear repeating. For example, Ronnie repeats the first line she says to Alan when then first meet - "I was working in the garden. Pruning." Alan also gives a short speech about what he thinks Ronnie may have been thinking when meeting her stepson for the first time and about how crucial his first encounter with her was to their relationship. It only takes seconds for Ronnie to say this line but much more time than that is used to stress its importance. This makes sense later on when Ronnie becomes a narrator along with Alan and the audience can see that the two have remained friends throughout the years. I also think that Wilson uses this format to give us an inside look at how Alan experienced the story he is now telling. He goes back and forth with how he's going to say everything, much like a real person would when recounting a painful...

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