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Lemonade Anyone? Essay

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When life gives you lemons make lemonade, or in Vera’s case when life gives you hell, blame your dead best friend. The novel Please ignore Vera Dietz written by A.S. King is mainly centered on the fact that Vera was in love with her best friend Charlie. Although rumors and a jealous “girlfriend” force them apart in the worst way, by him betraying Vera. Now, after Charlie mysteriously dies she doesn’t know whether to not speak ill of the dead or let everyone know she wasn’t the only one with skeletons in her closet. Though the choice isn’t really hers when Charlie comes back from the grave to make sure everything turns out the way he wants it. Vera Dietz is mostly portrayed as hypocritical, independent, and strong-willed.
To begin, the first characteristic that describes Vera is hypocritical. In the novel she constantly goes off about how she doesn’t want to end up like her parents but acts considerably similar to them. One example is how her mother was an alcoholic stripper and Vera ...view middle of the document...

She doesn’t like not having control of what she does in her life and ghost Charlie constant popping up constantly and trying to tell her what to do isn’t something she can take easily. After all the power taken away from her with her less than perfect home life she isn’t prepared to blindly follow the instructions of her dead ex-best friend, even if he is only trying to clear his name and have her tell everyone how he really died because she is the only witness. Another way Vera shows her independence throughout the novel is that she works at a pizza place that any other person would have quite from by then, but she sticks to its knowing she needs the money. That level of maturity shows that she has an independence that exceeds her age, most likely brought on by her family life growing up. Vera showcases throughout the entire plot that her independence makes up al large part of her.
To wrap it up, Vera has a strong-willed personality that paired with her independence is a force to be reckoned with. In Please Ignore Vera Dietz Vera has a stubborn streak that comes from her inability to stand down from a challenge. Instead of following the instructions of ghost Charlie, she tries everything in her power to ignore him and block him out of her head. She tries drinking and even acting like he isn’t there. Another example of how she is strong-willed is when she doesn’t tell the community the circumstances behind Charlie’s death right after she witnesses it. Charlie hurt her in a way that was unforgivable at the time and that gave her the strength to keep her mouth shut and let his reputation suffer the way she is. Even though these are not the only examples of how string-willed Vera is, they are the most prominent.
In conclusion, Vera Dietz is mostly portrayed as hypocritical, independent, and strong-willed girl. She deals with what life gives her, even if she screwed up a few times along the way. Her situation could be compared to a small, pour country; it is not the peoples fault in the country that fate had dealt them those cards but it is still looked down upon by the larger more successful countries that flourished. Vera wasn’t given the option of being born into her family, but she made the best of it even though the rest of the community punished her for what fate gave her.

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