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Lengthening The School Day And Year

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The United States of America is falling behind other countries in every category, including economics, technology, and most importantly, education. America is a growing country, and without leaders to govern it in the future, it will continue to fall back among other countries. America should extend the school day and year to educate the future leaders of America and the world and save our country from certain doom.
Education is one of the most important aspects of society today. We as a society need educated young people to lead our country in the future. With more reliance on technology and science, society needs more scientists and engineers to maintain and develop these tools. We need ...view middle of the document...

In fact, one survey found that less than half of teachers studied felt that they had enough time to teach (Source 2). The hurried pace at which teachers must teach makes it difficult for many students to follow the lessons and in turn restricts the students' ability to learn. If America extended the school day and year, teachers could teach at a slower pace and cover more material. This slower pace, many believe, will increase student understanding and test scores. Extending the school day would also support the “No Child Left Behind” policy, as a slower pace would ensure that every student fully understands the lessons.
In addition to teaching at a slower pace, teachers could also teach in their own distinct styles and experiment with different teaching techniques. With extra time, teachers wouldn't have to “teach to the test” and could instead teach students about advanced topics not normally taught with the current school schedule. Teachers would never again have to follow a cookie-cutter formula to teach their classes. The extended time policy would aid teaching in general and would certainly improve the moods of students and teachers alike.
Another reason to extend the school day and year is student safety. By keeping teens in school longer, we would keep them out of trouble longer. Young teenagers often have too much time and don't know how to spend it wisely. This poor time management leads to arrests, accidents, and injury. More time spent in school means fewer opportunities to get in trouble. We would teach students to spend time wisely and keep them safe from the dangers the outside world.
Additionally, extending the school year would lessen summer vacation learning loss. Every school year, the month of September, the traditional start of the school year, is wasted on re-learning the content of the past year's lessons. Weeks and weeks are lost from the school schedule because students simply forget the information of the past year. With a shorter break between the end and beginning of the school year, students would retain more information and wouldn't have to re-learn the already-learned content. This advantage gives even more time to learn new information and continue where the previous year left off.
The main reason to extend the school day is the increase in time for teaching. More time in school simply allows for more material to be covered. Students would learn more about every subject across the board. The new policy would allow for more time to do in-depth projects and explore advanced topics. Teachers and students could discover more and understand ideas better. This time advantage is the most obvious and most important reason to extend the school day and year.
Enacting this policy is not a monumental task to undertake. Rearranging the school schedule and planning the school year is a relatively small task compared to firing teachers and re-hiring Ph.D.s or completely renovating public school curriculum. This has been...

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