Lengthy Plot Summary Of "Chuck And Buck"; Including A Detailed Explanation Of Its Application To Human Sexuality Functioning.

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Chuck and Buck were childhood friends until the age of eleven, when Chuck moved with his family to Los Angeles and the distance between the two was far too great to maintain a childhood friendship. Chuck and Buck were the type of friends that experienced everything together. Everything from the death of Chuck's pet dog to their first time playing "doctor" together. Sixteen years later, the death of Buck's mother reunites the two childhood friends only to discover that Chuck and Buck lead very different lives at this point.Chuck, now known as Charles or Charlie, is engaged to Carlyn and maintains a white-collar job as a music record executive in Los Angeles. Buck has strangely maintained his child-like mentality. At his mother's funeral reception, Buck asks Chuck and Carlyn if they would like to see his bedroom. While giving them the tour of his bedroom, Buck is sucking a lollipop and displaying all of the numerous pictures he has of Chuck and himself when they were kids. Buck then asks Chuck and Carlyn if they would like to have a sleep-over. This is just the beginning of Buck's child-like mentality that he has never matured from.While using the bathroom at the funeral reception, Chuck is startled by Buck and propositioned by him. Buck walks to Chuck for a friendly hug and uses this chance to grope Chuck's penis. Chuck immediately tells Buck to back off. Chuck then proceeds downstairs to Carlyn and the two leave together for Los Angeles. Buck's obsession with his old friend begins here as he packs up everything he owns and moves to a motel room in Los Angeles in hopes to rekindle the relationship he once had with Chuck. Buck insists on stopping by unannounced at Chuck and Carlyn's house and also at Chuck's office. In a short amount of time, Buck is introduced to Chuck's work friends and Buck's social ineptness is once again prevalent. Buck insists on telling stories about himself and Chuck as children and Chuck is quickly disgusted and embarrassed by Buck's immaturity. At one point, Buck gets Chuck alone and tells him that he thinks they should play a game. Chuck suggests "Trivial Pursuit" and Buck says that he would rather play "Chuck and Buck, suck and fuck." Chuck immediately asks Buck to leave and attempts to cut off all communication with him.Buck assumes the role of waiting for Chuck outside of his office on a daily basis. While waiting for Chuck, Buck realizes that he is standing in front of a theater hall. Buck inquires about the theater and discovers that the theater is available for rent on certain nights. Using the format from a "Wizard of Oz" script that he steals from the theater, Buck writes a play titled, "Hank and Frank." With the help of the theater curator, Buck produces this play about himself and Chuck and their childhood adventures. While writing and producing this play, Buck stalks Chuck and Carlyn and watches them during their most intimate moments. Carlyn later forces Chuck, at the request of Buck, to attend the...

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