Lenin's Rule And Effect On Ussr

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Lenin's Rule and Effect on USSR

It has been said, by Winston Churchill no less, that “The Russian
people’s worst misfortune was his birth; their next was his death.”
There is much truth in this statement, because Churchill was able to
see that as Lenin matured, so did his policies, and these lead to
improving conditions for the Russian people. As Lenin matured as a
leader, so did his policies; as Lenin died his policies died with
him. When Lenin first found himself with power over the Soviets, he
was in a Civil war, and from such a situation arose War Communism.
Over time however, Lenin was able to see the flaws of this policy and
had the maturity to admit that he may have made a mistake. From this
the New Economic Policy was born, and conditions in Russia improved
immensely. However, Stalin did not have such a capacity to see error,
and reverted to pure communism, undoing all of the good work that
Lenin had finally managed to achieve.

Before Lenin can be seen as the leader of Russia under the Bolshevik
party, we must see Lenin as an opportunist. He was ruthless in all of
his dealings, and capitalised on every opportunity that came
knocking. He used the conditions in Russia at the time, namely the
fear and despair created by Germany in WWI. Bolshevik slogans such as
“Peace, Bread, Land” (Welles ,O. Ten days that shook the world
[Video]) soon became popular, and before long, the Bolsheviks had
gained widespread support within the cities. Lenin was, however,
foolish in his approach to the Revolution, in that he had not learnt
that the peasants were the real force to reckon with, not the
workers. As far as Lenin could see, “today’s revolutions are started
in the cities”(Cameron,J. Lenin [Video]). This tunnel vision left
Lenin at a loss for policies that suited the peasants, because he had
little dealing with them and their needs in his struggle for power.
In this respect, Lenin was showing signs of immaturity and
inexperience even before he had gained power, although he was still a
very skilled revolutionary.

Despite this neglect of the peasant base, Lenin was able to take
control of Russia relatively easily. It was not long however, until
divisions amongst the Russian people became apparently, and Russia
slipped into civil war. The civil war and the policies that were
spawned to combat it had severe political, social and economic impacts
on Russia. The main overriding policy of War Communism led to a
severe loss of political freedom. Lenin introduced into the world the
whole concept of a one party state(T.E.E. Revision Centre. The Russian
Revolution), where there were no elections held for political parties,
but for representatives within the party instead. Protests and
uprisings were also eliminated by War Communism. Protestors could be
shot on site and...

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