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Lennie Essay

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Although John Steinbeck’s novelette Of Mice and Men included a vast away of interesting characters, Lennie was one that sparked my interest the most. Small’s personality is similar to that of an innocent child’s; he is also often depicted like an animal, as he is as strong as a bull (as Milton describes him), but acts like a dog. Small is also mentally handicapped, feels security when it comes to touching soft items, and does not understand many abstract ideas. We can look at all of these traits through his devoted dependency towards George. Though he acts this way, he does not actually comprehend this idea of loyalty. As a result, he often gets into trouble without the intention of doing so, and once he does, only defines his troubles in terms of consequences, as he says “George goin’ to give me hell” or “George ain’t gonna’ let me tend them rabbits no more.” Despite his repetitive behavior, he never understands the reason why his actions are incorrect. In the beginning of the story, an instance the reader can observe his animal-like (or childish) behavior is when he slurps from a pond – in great amounts like a horse - without even examining the quality of it. As the story progresses, Lennie is disciplined and guided by Milton to not cause any trouble, for the time being that he is or is not around. George also warns Lennie to not be near Curley’s wife, as he senses trouble between the two. Nevertheless, at the conclusion of the book, Lennie accidentally kills Curley’s wife after trying to calm her down (as she was screaming for help because Small would not let go of her soft hair). Overall, Lennie’s outstanding physical strength combined with his lack of intelligence and moral sense makes him...

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1772 words - 7 pages Lennie is a victim of this society and time because he is simpleminded Of mice and men Lennie is a victim of this society and time because he is simpleminded and there were no special centres to send him to at this time in America. Candy is a victim of his society and time because he was old and in the 1930’s America there was no pension schemes like there are now also Candy has a disability, he has one hand. Crooks is a victim of

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486 words - 2 pages Of Mice and Men Was George right to have shot Lennie? To me this question is very simple to answer. It is an easy question to answer because of the relationship that I realized George and Lennie had. They have always been close, and were like brothers. George was always there for Lennie, was the one to take care of him and the one to always set him straight. It was right for George to set him straight because Lennie was mentally retarded. There

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944 words - 4 pages The Character of Lennie in Of Mice and Men In my opinion, Lennie Small is the most interesting character in Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men. Steinbeck does a very good job describing and characterizing Lennie's personality. Lennie's character is, indeed, quite unique. A large man with enormous strength, yet kind and childlike, he seems to find joy in simple life pleasures like petting a furry animal and making the water ripple. Lennie's

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1628 words - 7 pages John Steinbeck wrote the play Of Mice and Men in 1937 (Steinbeck). It is a play about two ranch workers who do not have the best of luck. The two workers were named George and Lennie. George was a more small bodied man. His partner Lennie was a giant among average sized people. They are on the road going place to place working numerous jobs. Lennie has a learning disability. The two work hand and hand. George is there to keep Lennie out of

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688 words - 3 pages The first skateboards started with wooden boxes, or boards, with roller skate wheels attached to the bottom. Crate scooterspreceded skateboards, having a wooden crate attached to the nose (front of the board), which formed rudimentary handlebars.[4] [5] [6] The boxes turned into planks, similar to the skateboard decks of today.[7] An American WAC, Betty Magnuson, reported seeing French children in the Montmartre section of Paris riding on boards

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594 words - 2 pages Lennie with the brains of a mouse and the strength of a man. Found true friendship with George who had the character of a mouse and the brains of a man. Their companionship was based on the fact that George had the brains, and Lennie had the muscles. My vision of Mice and Men, tells me that George always did the talking to acquire the jobs and Lennie completed mostly all of the work. This relationship went on for years, with mutual success

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640 words - 3 pages In John Steinbeck's, 'Of Mice and Men', although Lennie causes problems for George, he's better with him. While Lennie causes trouble for George, he also provides him with many benefits. Because Lennie is so big and powerful, they can get more job and more money to make their dreams come true. They both share a dream which is possible when they work and belong to each other. They both have benefits from the relationship between them. Without

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858 words - 3 pages 1.describe Lennie and George's dream. How is their dream representative of the dreams of migrant workers in the 1930's? A.intro paragraph 1.hook a. The Declaration of Independence; signed in 1783 describes the American dream of "life liberty and the pursuit of happiness" most Americans strive and work our lives towards this one goal no matter the day or age our light at the end of the tunnel is a product of this "perfect" American dream. 2

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1085 words - 5 pages Set in the farmlands of the Salinas Valley in California, "Of Mice And Men" is based on the 1930's Great Depression. This novel shows the struggle of two migrant workers, George Milton and Lennie Small in fulfilling the 'American dream'. The dream shared by many of owing "a little house and a couple of acres". From the onset of the novel, it becomes crystal clear that Lennie is heavily reliant on his companion, George. What's more, Steinbeck

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454 words - 2 pages In John Steinbeck`s, 'Of Mice And Men', it can be argued that, While Lennie causes problems for George, he is better off with him. Because Lennie Helps George get a job and lose it as quickly as they got it. If George didn't have Lennie he would be lonely and he also would of have a family and his own place to live. Because Lennie is big, he and George get a job quickly and because Lennie is mentally disabled, they also lose their

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827 words - 3 pages Discuss George's actions at the end of the novel. How can we justify what he does to Lennie? How can we condemn it?Although murder is morally incorrect, mercy killing can be justified as it may prevent a later inevitable and painful death. In the novella 'Of Mice and Men' written by John Steinbeck, the character George shoots his friend, Lennie. Whilst George's actions can be condemned, George had good intentions towards the death of his friend

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