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Leonardo: A Life Lived To The Fullest

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Being born in the year of 1452 by a poor family of no high social class, Leonardo Da Vinci had no hopes of becoming anything more than his parents had already become and achieved. As he was older he became dedicated to his work and as he steadily gained popularity, he began to climb the social scale. Leonardo Da Vinci led an inspiring and meaningful life by creating the art he loved, that helped us open our eyes to a new vision of Renaissance Art and gave us a broad understanding of the Renaissance world.
Leonardo was an extraordinary boy, with an amazing talent. "Leonardo was able to view texts owned by his friends and close relatives..." Since Leonardo was so young and his father being a notary he had access to an abundance of what most people think started the "brains" in Leonardo. "When Leonardo was 15 his father put him under the teachings of Verrocchio in Florence", it was here that Leonardo began his works on art and learned what started the base of his ways. While in Florence at Verrocchio's workshop, Leonardo began working on much of what we know about hi style.
Recent studies show that his "techniques" slowly seeped into Verrocchio's workshop and were quite visible among Verrocchio's pupils. Spending most of his time in the workshop, Leonardo demonstrated his talent. Later on he was commissioned to paint a art piece called, "Baptism of Christ". He painted this piece so much better than his teacher Verrocchio, that Verrocchio vowed to never paint again. As demonstrated in the text, "Leonardo demonstrated his colossal talent... so much more than his teacher Verrocchio, that Verrocchio vowed to never paint again."
Leonardo left the workshop soon after completing the piece around 1477. After not receiving any help and shelter from Verrocchio's workshop, Leonardo set out to find money and a new patron. During this time, Leonardo began to design many weapons. Many of which we use today, such as the modern day tank and submarine. Leonardo also began a major study on other topics as well, "Leonardo studied tons of other topics like nature, planes, certain matters of math, mechanics, municipal construction, canals, and architecture". Leonardo also gave us a broad understanding of what Renaissance society knew and didn't know. It gave us a clear vision of life back then, compared to today. He kept everything recorded for us in his notebooks. "In 1490 to 1495, Leonardo began keeping record of his studies in beautifully, yet complicated notebooks."
During his time in Florence, Da Vinci was commissioned to paint a piece called "The Adoration of the Magi". He denied the claim in search of money and a workshop of his own. Leonardo also began to work more on mechanics and architecture. He designed everything from weapons to churches. He still kept everything recorded and documented.
In search for money, Leonardo left Florence and headed to Milan. In Milan, he was discovered by the Duke and he himself (the Duke) hired him. The Duke...

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