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Leonardo Da Vinci And His Contributions

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We have several inventions that have helped mankind triumph through history. Our understanding of history creates the most basic idea on how to live. What if we didn’t have the history books what would the outcome be for our future? In reality most things in our modern age can mostly be improved rather than discovered or invented thanks to several pioneers in the past. On April 15, 1452 Leonardo was born in Italy; he didn’t even realize that he would set an everlasting foot print in time with his great accomplishments and discoveries. Leonardo Da Vinci was born in the era of Renaissance which had several contributions to his views on life and artistic background. He was a successful scientist in the fields of Anatomy, Physics, and Aerodynamics; he also was an inspired painter in which created several masterpieces in his era. He was an aspired inventor with his combined abilities for the artistic eye and with his vast amount of knowledge in science he used to create extraordinary inventions that one day would change the world.
"The Mona Lisa" is one of Leonardo's greatest and most recognizable paintings in history in our days. The painting itself is a mystery because no one can explain who is the girl; or is this Leonardo disguised as a girl. "The Mona Lisa" girl is thought to have been Lisa Gherardini in which she posed for the painting. In reality the actual name for the painting is Monna Lisa in which translates to "My Lady". Monna is a common short hand style for writing Madonna in Italian. The painting is still available for viewing in Paris, London but behind a seven million dollar security system. Perhaps because of its mysterious whereabouts or famous creator the painting is actually an invaluable piece. The insurance company's cannot determine a set price for this precious art piece. The original painting has three distinct copies in which are slightly different and can be observed simultaneously at the Louvre Museum in Paris. "The Mona Lisa" doesn’t have any eyes brows some say because the paintings were never completed due to Leonardo being an extreme perfectionist.
He also created "The Last Supper"" which depicts Jesus breaking bread with his disciples on his last night before being crucified. This master piece was started in 1495 and completed in 1498 which took almost 3 years to complete. The mural is 15 feet tall by 29 feet long and is located at the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. This structural beauty is magnificent because it definitely showed the importance of the church within the community and its artist during this period. The Duke of Milan decided he wanted this particular religious scene of Jesus and the Apostles at the last supper to reflect the seriousness of Christianity and its power. "The Last Supper" is an outstanding art piece for renaissance revolution because when Leonardo painted each apostles including Jesus he gave them natural features and regular gestures making them look more...

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