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Leonardo Da Vinci:More Than Just An Artist

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"Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets." These

are the exact words of a mastermind who drastically altered human history. Leonardo da Vinci,

the man who always wanted to learn more, believed in the impossible and consistently tried to

take the world one step further.


Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci or, better known as Leonardo da Vinci was born

Saturday April 15, 1452 at 10:30 at night. Born in Vinci, Italy Leonardo took the sir name

"da Vinci" or of Vinci. Da Vinci grew up in Vinci with his father and many siblings,

his mother went on and married someone else, as a result Leonardo had a total of 17

brothers and sisters. The town of Vinci had a painting tradition which may have

influenced young Leonardo. Da Vinci also had easy entry to intellectual books.

Leonardo was so artistically talented that at the age of fifteen he began to

apprentice master artists of the time. In 1467 when he stopped and moved on

from apprenticing.

Problems and Struggles:

Leonardo da Vinci , though mostly well known for miraculous talent, he has had

his fair share of struggles. Da Vinci was born with dyslexia which made it hard to

read and write like other people. Though this had a bad effect it may have also

had a good one, Leonardo could easily use his backwards language with dyslexia.

Dyslexia may have also given da Vinci a strong dimensional sight making it easy

to paint realistically. Leonardo was also born with AD-HD which made it hard

to stay on task or focus and finish projects.

Another problem da Vinci faced was that in 1476 Leonardo was held

for being homosexual. Da Vinci was too embarrassed to do anything big until afterwards

when charges were released in 1478.

Sadly, in 1517 da Vinci developed partial paralysis in his right hand due to a

stroke. Leonardo is said to have died of natural causes, he died May 2, 1519 in

the Castle of Amboise.

Accomplishments and...

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