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Leonardo Da Vinci's Secrets Essay

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In Leonardo da Vinci's paintings there are clues that reveal hidden messages. At first glance, his paintings may seem just like normal paintings, but at second glance they are not that simple. For example, Mona Lisa has captivated humanity for centuries because of her smile and her mysterious identity and the small details in The Last Supper have posed questions about what they mean. Leonardo da Vinci attracts me because through his art he may reveal to us some hidden truths about the past and also because he knows the identity of the women in The Mona Lisa.

A crowd of people is lined up at the Paris Louvre museum, patiently waiting to get inside to come face to face with the famous Mona Lisa, a potrait that enigmatically smiles to million of visitors each day. Its painter, the famous Leonardo da Vinci, painted it " with colors and framed [it] with questions." One of these questions has remained unanswered for five decades now. As a result, when the Louvre museum visitors finally leave, they are left with the same 500-year-old question, "Who is Mona Lisa?" Is she Leonardo da Vinci himself portrayed as a woman? Is she Madonna Lisa, Francesco del Gioconda's wife? Or, is she simply the product of his imagination? ("Zaman," par. 5).

People have analyzed the Mona Lisa painting in hopes of discovering the identity of the sitter. Consequently, several theories have been proposed about Mona LIsa's identity, but the mystery still remains. For example, Dr. Lillian Schwartz used computer technology to compare Mona Lisa's facial features with that of Leonardo da Vinci. After carefully overlying their faces, she saw that their facial features aligned. This made her theorize that Leonardo painted himself as a woman (" Scientific Organization," par. 6). However, there is another theory that states that their faces align perfectly because Mona Lisa is Leonardo's daughter ( "Leonardo da Vinci's," sec. "More theories"). Yet another theory believes that the women in this painting is his mother Caterina. So, which one of these theories is...

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