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Leonardo Da Vinci The Dark Side

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Leonardo da Vinci was an exceptionally talented artist who succeeded in several areas throughout his career in art, in architecture, in science, and in many other disciplines. Even though Leonardo was a talented man, several of his works remained unfinished even after he died, leading him to receive a lot more credit now than he did during his time. He has few known paintings. Other artists often mourn Leonardo’s lack of productivity since his talent was so great (Krull, p. 41); he could have taken advantage of his incredible talent more than he actually did.
Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452. As a child, Leonardo spent countless hours outside focused on small aspects of nature including the way birds use their wings to fly, how frogs use their legs to jump, and the way water runs down a river (Krull, p. 21). These hours led Leonardo to a greater understanding of nature and a fascination with certain sciences such as botany, biology, and geology (Krull, p. 21). Leonardo had very little formal education, and only in very basic materials (Krull, p. 21). At age 15, his father made him an apprentice to Andrea del Verrocchio, the lead artist in Florence during that time. Leonardo enjoyed working with Verrocchio so much, that he continued working with ¬¬¬¬him even after he finished his work as an apprentice (Encyclopedia of World Biography online, Leonardo da Vinci). Furthermore, Leonardo made his first known painting, Baptism of Christ in his workshop in 1475 (Encyclopedia of World Biography online, Leonardo da Vinci); Verrocchio helped with the painting. Verrocchio realized while Leonardo was helping that Leonardo was a better painter than he was. Because of this, Verrocchio made a vow never to paint again. It was very unusual at the time for a master and an assistant to work together on one painting (Encyclopedia of World Biography online, Leonardo da Vinci). Eventually, Leonardo thought it was best to start his own career in his own studio, which he built in 1478. One very tragic even that happened in Leonardo’s lifetime was the fact that he was arrested. He was accused of sodomy by the Medici family, but no one knows for sure whether he was actually guilty or not (Kull, pp. 35-36).
Leonardo da Vinci had many talents and he seemed to be good at everything. He was good at sports and had a pretty good singing voice. He was also smart and funny too. He was known to be attractive and the best improviser of his time (Kull, p. 41). Leonardo managed to be an artist, inventor, architect, and a scientist, among various other occupations. He made some well-known and well-respected paintings, and a few scientific innovations that are used today.
Although Leonardo was undoubtedly talented and creative, he still had some flaws. He was often careless about business dealings and commitions. He also had a problem following through on many projects. Leonardo received his first solo commition, a painting job that was given to only...

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