Leonardo Da Vinci: The First Modern Scientist

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Did Leonardo Da Vinci live in the wrong century? Leonardo lived in what is now known as Italy in the late 15th century, but it seems his mind was working in the 20th century. Leonardo certainly represented the exciting time of new ideas in the arts and sciences known as the Renaissance. Leonardo, a man with “boundless curiosity, multiple talents, and visionary imagination” (Prum 3), explored painting, sculpting, science, philosophy, and engineering. He recorded his thoughts, observations, diagrams, and drawings in notebooks that originally filled over 13,000 pages on a wide variety of topics (Byrd 30). Contained within those works are numerous gadgets, tools, machines, and inventions. The designs of Leonardo da Vinci became the blueprints for several modern aviation, military, and water-related inventions.
Leonardo provided innovative thought in the study of flight. He focused on aviation for over 23 years. Credited for using the scientific method for the first time to study flight, he observed how birds fly and then applied that knowledge to try to achieve human flight (Cooper 53). Leonardo devoted much energy into making a flying machine utilizing manually powered wings attached to a person (Kallen 55-57). Over the years, he added more and more devices to help control the plane, such as landing gear, wing slots, and a tail for steering (Cooper 53). However, he never got the flying machine to work because it weighed too much and humans could not provide enough power (53). He also made sketches for an “aerial screw” that were the basis for the design of the modern day helicopter (Hart 328). Leonardo derived the sketches from a Chinese toy that whirled rapidly (Byrd 28). The lack of a powerful enough engine to rotate the aerial screw hampered implementation of the design (Cooper 53). Also, he created a design for the first parachute. The first record of its actual use was in 1783 when a Frenchman descended from the observatory in Montpellier using this device (McLanathan 137). Today’s parachutes are an adaptation of Leonardo’s original design (137). Leonardo’s scientific approach to the study of flight resulted in a variety of modern applications.
The sketches of Leonardo provided inspiration for future designs of military weapons. Leonardo considered war “a most bestial madness”, but he designed many military inventions including a tank, a multiple firing cannon, and other weapons of war (McLanathan 103). All his inventions strove for increased firepower and speed (105). Leonardo designed an armored vehicle that had four wheels powered by men turning cranks. He mentions this type of contraption in a letter to Ludovico Sforza, the ruler of Milan, in 1481 (Hart 22-23). In 1914, when Winston Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty, he commissioned the creation of an armored vehicle which included a modern engine and caterpillar treads instead of the wheels in Leonardo’s design (Cooper 152). This vehicle became known as...

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