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Leonardo Da Vincis Inventions Essay

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The Renaissance was a period of curiosity and discovery for many, but the man that truly defined a Renaissance man was Leonardo Da Vinci: a true genius who had the intellectual ability to create anything in his mind with his creativity and brilliance. He was an inventor, a scientist, a mathematician and a painter who had the mind and visions of a thinker centuries ahead of his time. Hundreds of years later, he is still one of the most recognized and iconic people in the world, known for his paintings like the Mona Lisa and he changed the way art was created. But one success Da Vinci had that is not as well known as his iconic art such as the Last Supper were his inventions. Although he created many inventions in his time, much of Leonardo Da Vinci's genius achievements in his creations, sketches, and ideas of inventions were unfortunately found centuries after his death therefore resulting in a minor impact on world history. Although he became extremely well known, his beginnings were much less grand.
Leonardo Da Vinci's life began as an average but poor child in the midst of the Italian Renaissance. A period where the main focus wasn't on religion and was more focused on secular themes and creativity. The Renaissance was a time of discovery which was a perfect time for Da Vinci to be born. He was born in 1452 in Vinci Italy and was raised on an estate belonging to his father, while his uncle also helped raise him. Da Vinci never received a full education like others, but his artistic abilities were noted by his father who eventually apprenticed him to a well known sculptor Andrea Del Verrocchio, of Florence (History). When apprenticed, “His skills as an artist developed, flourished and even intimidated his mentor ”(Leonardo Da Vinci's Inventions). Although he was gifted at his artistic abilities, Da Vinci was looking to expand on his abilities and add to his skills. He then traveled to Milan, Italy in 1482 where he worked for Duke Ludovico Sforza also known as the “Dark One” and became a military engineer where he spent years designing and creating numerous original inventions for their powerful military force (Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions). It was in Milan where Leonardo Da Vinci created many of his radical inventions still used to this day and it was also where he had many of his greatest achievements.
The creativity, and brilliance depicted by Leonardo Da Vinci's numerous creations proved that he could achieve many things besides art and could create innovative and useful designs that would help a broad amount of people during and after his death. Although he was truly against the violent and destructive impacts of war, Da Vinci created many inventions that would inevitably assist Duke Sforza and his dominant army. He also pioneered creations that were related to practical use and would help others not involved with the war (Leonardo Da Vinci's Inventions). Da Vinci was not afraid to step outside of his boundaries and one...

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