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Les Miserables The Play Essay

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Seeing many plays and programs throughout the years I have become to enjoy them more. I like the live plays, seeing all the excitement and enthusiasm on people’s faces. There is the feel of drama in the air with every scene that is so exciting. People are so drawn into the show there is silence in the theater like the world has stopped. Theatrical entertainers train for years to be selected to perform in live shows around the world. The time and effort put into the shows are always amazing to me. The producer has a lot of pressure on his hands dealing with getting the stage, props, actors and clothing all in order before each performance begins.
I picked the play Les Miserables to talk about and discuss for the performing arts papers assignment. The show Les Miserables was an amazing show, I enjoyed it a lot and would consider seeing it again. I was not expecting to get that much out of it, but I was fooled. The show was very touching, as well as heartbreaking. The way people use to be treated was unheard of and wrong. The show represented courage, pride and prosperity. The way Fantine stood up for herself, was brave, and everyone should use her as an example of courage and pride.
The basic headline of the play was a man named Jean Valjean who lived with a preacher after being released from prison. The preacher took him in when no one would give him a second chance. The preacher got up in the middle of the night to find Jean stealing his gold candle sticks and called the police. Jean was sentenced to jail once again. After spending years in jail for stealing Jean was working, and busting rocks he was then released as a free man. Trying to find work after being released and making a new life for himself he meet a woman who was dying named Fantine. As a single mother alone with no work and two children. The two...

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658 words - 3 pages huge potential that exists between multiple performers engaging in this deeper level of character exploration at the same time. It’s taking my incessant childhood desire to pretend to places I never could have imagined. In this Les Miserables production, I had the opportunity to play opposite a very experienced actor in the character of Marius, along with other more experienced performers. This experience went so far beyond a collection of people

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