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Les Murray "The Burning Truck" And "Widower In The Country"

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In The poems "The Burning Truck" and "Widower in the Country" Murray uses imagery, metaphors and personification to enhance the impact of the poems on the reader."The Burning Truck". The Poem is about war and shows how it can bring out the most primitive emotions out of people. The Poem also shows that during war time regular laws do not exist but a different set of wartime rules and the war will continue.The Title of the Poem, The burning truck gives the reader a strong image of a truck which is on fire. This should indicate to the reader that there is danger and violence about and the area is not a safe place. The truck (which symbolizes war) continues on going and eventually goes awayThe Poem Is Structured Into five stanzas with the first describing the speed of an attack on the town. The second describes the violence and damage left behind from the attack from the planes. In the third stanza it goes on to describe what should happen, the violence continues "It would not stop". The fourth shows the difference between the people, there are "the wild boys of the streets" who seem to enjoy what is happening. In the final Stanza It tells us that war brings out the most wild and primitive emotions in peopleMurray mostly uses personification and uses metaphors in this poem.E.g. Personification"Windows Spat Glass"- This gives the reader the impression that the windows are spitting, but they are really breaking. The windows have been personified by saying they are spitting glass.- The purpose of this is to make the breaking of the glass more dramatic and to make it sound faster.E.g. Metaphor"a cage torn by gorillas of flame"- The Flame is compared to the gorillas because it emphasizes the fierceness and the...

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