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Less Nicotine; Will You Smoke It?

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Smoking has been a major part of American culture since the end of the nineteenth century. While it made its most public debut while prohibition of alcohol was going on, it was seen as a negative thing just the same as drinking. With people beginning to feel negatively against smoking, as the same as drinking alcohol, it almost made the activity more popular. At this time there was a “rise in popularity in tobacco, especially in its new and most devious form, the cigarette” (Brandt, p.45).What brand a person smoked was all on preference, but the popularity of them was all on how it was advertised. It was known that a person “buys brands rather than cigarettes and it is the advertising that ...view middle of the document...

Starting with the image that they put on the advertisement and going to their fact written throughout it, they made a very successful attempt to making Camel cigarettes appealing to all. The advertisement shows their subjects a picture of a woman with a light cigarette in her hand, suggesting her smoking it. The ad shows that this band of cigarette is appealing to women, which one can imply that it is not rough to smoke for the fact that a female likes to smoke it. As if the quotation bubble doesn’t make that obvious enough by stating “Camel is the cigarette for me. More flavor- and they’re so much milder”. The image does not do as much justice as the facts surrounding it does. A major part of the ad states “28% less nicotine than the average of the 4 other largest-selling brands tested- less than any of them- according to independent scientific tests of the smoke itself”. Telling its’ consumers that there is scientifically tested that it has less nicotine is a great tactic for the fact that health was becoming a worrisome subject about smoking. Nicotine is seen as harmful to people and was said “that nicotine was a poison so deadly that a single drop on a dog’s tongue would kill the animal instantly” (Werner p.419). Knowing that is specific brand has less of this “poison” could help with them thinking it would not be as harmful. Alongside the health aspect in comparison to the other four major brands, the cigarettes as a whole are exploited in the advertisement as well. They state that they burn at a 25% slower rate compare to the others. With it burning slower it would add “5 extra smokes per pack” on average. With the “extra smokes and the “extra mildness”, coolness and flavor, and the appeal to women, at this time I feel as if this was perfect approach on gaining more consumer for the Camel brand.
The different aspects of the advertisement itself show you more of when the advertisement was after, rather than a specific date. To start off the fact there is a woman not...

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