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Lesson Analysis

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As a new student to Brandon Elementary, this student is learning English as a second language. He is currently being included with typically developing children, so this student has encountered difficult language barriers. A strength that I have observed is that he is hardworking. He is always practicing his English and completes his assignments. In addition, he is not discouraged from completing extra tasks to advance his language development. A weakness I have observed is that he tends to question his abilities. When completing tasks, it is easy for him lose confidence. As a result, he tends to be shy from expressing his ideas and sharing his knowledge.. As an English learner, this student ...view middle of the document...

Evidently, the majority of the schools funding is unrestricted, which gives Brandon Elementary variability in expenses. Furthermore, teacher salary is significantly high. According to the report, a beginning salary is $43,093. The highest paid teacher earns $88,335 and the average salary is $73,102.
Initial Performance:
The academic content being addressed with this student is developing his English reading and writing comprehension. From observation, tasks that the student is able to complete are translating words from English to Spanish. He is able to translate basic words such car, hot, cold. In addition, this student is able to write out basic sentences such as, “I like to play with toys”. Moreover, this student is able to read text that is short and contains simple words. For example, he is able to read sentences on his worksheets, where he has to fill in the blanks with the provided words.
Essential tasks that this student is not able to complete are successfully pronouncing and writing out the alphabet. Frequently, he confuses letters such as, A, and E, and G and J. As a result, he is not able to spell words that are similar to each other. Furthermore, this student is not able to carry out a conversation with his classmates. Similarly, this student is not able to understand lectures in English. These past weeks, the UCSB Sprout Up program has been coming in and lecturing on science topics. Unfortunately, this student is not able to understand the topics and activities at hand. Ultimately, his language difficulties have hindered his ability to socialize with others. In contrast to other children, he does not participate in all the activities and seldom makes interaction with his classmates.

The specific content I addressed was learning the alphabet, in order for him to have collateral gains in reading and writing comprehension. I addressed the alphabet content by using several strategies. First, I had him read out the entire alphabet from a laminated worksheet that was provided by the teacher. Using the worksheet, I would have the student pronounce each letter of the alphabet. In the case that the student forgot a letter, I would use the staircase strategy. I would provide a binary option for the next letter and I would have him repeat the letter once he provided the correct answer. I though this strategy would be effective because it addresses the issue of confidence. From the binary options, he would have to make an assertive choice and once he chose the correct answer he gradually built momentum. Furthermore, I would implement the task analysis strategy. For this strategy I would divide the alphabet into three sections. I believed this strategy was effective, because it...

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