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Lesson Learned

There are so many events that change one’s life that it is rather difficult to try and decipher which of those events are most important. Each event changes a different aspect of your life, molding how one’s personality turns out. One of these events occurred when I was about twelve years old and I attempted to steal from a Six Flags amusement park. My reasoning for stealing wasn’t that I didn’t have the money, or even that I wanted what I stole all that badly, it was that all of my friends had stolen something earlier that day and didn’t get caught. After getting caught I resolved, because the consequences are just not worth it, never to steal or give into peer pressure again.

It all began when a couple of friends and myself went to Six Flags for some fun right at the beginning of summer. We arrived there early in morning, which was about nine o’clock for us. The birds were chirping and the sun was bright. There was also a hint of dew, making the grass sparkle in the sunlight. The place was packed, people were standing in huge lines waiting to buy their tickets. My friends and I were lucky because we had season passes and just walked right to the front gate and walked in. Naturally there was a security check at the front gate, little did I know that I was going to run into them again in the near future. From there we went straight to the ride “The Mind Eraser.” It was always wise to go to that ride first, because as the day progressed, the line grew longer. Since the ride is only about a minute long, the wait then becomes to long to make the ride worth the wait. As we got on, all of us were a little jumpy. It was the first time being to the amusement park that year, and our stomachs were not immune to the sudden drops that awaited in our near future. The ride then started moving slowly up to the top where you can see the entire amusement park and most of Denver. Then out of nowhere, the ride releases and starts roaring around the track. As always the ride ended far too soon and we set off for the next ride, “Twister Two.”

On the way to “Twister Two” one of my friends suddenly had a candy bar in his possession. When he was asked how he got it, he simply replied, “I stole it.” It was so amazing to me that he could do that, and act as if it was no big deal. To me stealing would be a thing that needed to be planned and executed, but to him it was just another place that he ripped off. He explained that it is easy to do, “you just grab what you want, wait ‘til no one’s looking, and then walk out.” This is when I first began pondering the idea of stealing. I had never stole before because I knew it was against my morals, but there was that rebel in me that wanted to try it. He, on the other hand, had probably stolen so many times that he could do it with his eyes closed, and he had never been caught. Lucky him.

While in line for the next ride, I began debating whether or not I should try to steal something before the end...

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