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Lesson Plan Involving Bullying Which Incorporates A Few Resources University Lesson Plan

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Lesson overview:
Students will be asked to discuss feelings involved with bullying. Then they will watch a series of videos and be required to identify the bully, victim and bystanders involved.

SmartBoard, bullying powerpoint, videos, student workbooks.


5 mins

15 mins

10 mins

20 mins


Students move in to the room, get seated and mark roll. Give an overview of the lesson and explain that video work will be done ONLY if earlier work is completed. Discuss previous lessons completed on bullying (1 lesson) and how it will link to today’s lesson.

Students are introduced to the 3 types of people involved in bullying – bully, victim, bystander. Students are then asked to list feelings that could be felt by each of these people. Can be done as a list, mind map, etc. Looking for minimum 5 feelings/person (15 all up). Students to share answers by writing one feeling they have come up with on the board.

Note taking – Students to take notes on types of bullying (refresher from last lesson) and going in to a deeper level of understanding. Once written, discuss the notes with students and what each type of bullying may involve.

Video analysis – Students will watch a series of clips from popular Movies and TV that portray scenes of bullying. They are asked to determine the bully, victim and bystanders in each...

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