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Lesson Plan Literacy: Newspaper Unit

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ESI487 Assignment 3

Unit title: Text types
Host content areas: Literacy Understandings: How do we communicate for different purposes and audiences?
Teacher: Mr Van Raay How are texts constructed for particular effects?
Year Level: Grade 5
Standard 3-4
Stages 7-11



Resources, preparation

Sequence of activities


Ongoing assessment

Strategies and skills

Week 1

To determine students current knowledge and understanding.

Handout 1/ newspapers; enough for one between two (same every Monday).
Handout 2/ scavenger hunt.
Handout 3/ A Newspaper Article (appendix 1).
Cardboard for display

Every Monday students will share a copy of the newspaper marking interesting, unusual, amazing, horrible, sad, funny etc things they come across. Discuss what they have read and found interesting.
Conduct a Newspaper Scavenger Hunt. Activity 3.
Have the students list from their discovery, the parts of the newspaper, (i.e. - sports, comics, movie guide, business articles, weather, stock market report, crossword puzzle, TV guide, political column, advertisements, real estate ads, classified ads, photos, etc.) Discuss the feature of the newspaper as a group. Why is sport on the back page?
Introduce the topic of the newspaper by formulating a K-W-L chart on the whiteboard. In groups of four ask students' to brainstorm ideas about what they know about a newspaper and formulate their own group K-W-L chart for display. What is it used for? Where do you get it? What is its benefit/disadvantage? Who writes it? Where and how? Why buy one? Make a list of things you might find in a newspaper. Class discussion.

Pairs then class discussion.

Working in teams
Being literate



Classroom display. Get some large display posters from the newsagents. On a sheet of cardboard have students do a display on Newspapers. See appendix 2 for example.

Groups of four

Computer lab

Work on Microsoft Office Publisher 2000

Individual or teams of two

Computer skills

1/Banjo Patterson.
2/Examples of poem structure. 3/Troy Thompson's "Excellent Peotry Book".
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Share personal favourite, "Clancy of the Overflow" by A.B Patterson. Discuss (Australian history, word meanings, culture, syntax, grammar). Write poem related to the word "newspaper". It can be an acrostic poem, limerick, simple four line rhyme scheme, Cinquain, Free Verse, Ballad, Couplet


Hard copy


To generate interest in a report group week 3

Math Problems: Calculating the costs. Mobile phones (Tasmania Standard 4). Appendix d)


Hard copy


Text genre
Text user


Different purposes require different types of text. Touch...

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