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Lesson Planning Through Observation Of An English Language Class

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Lesson planning is an important component of teaching English language because a good teacher must make a lesson plan in order to achieve the objectives of a lesson. This term, I had a chance to observe grade 6 students.The classroom was composed of 31 students. All of them were native speakers of Turkish and their English proficiency level is elementary. In the lesson which I attended, the teacher taught simple present tense. So,the main objective of this lesson was to make the students use the simple present tense. To do this,the teacher made a detailed lesson plan and she divided the lesson into the stages. In this paper, I am going to mention how she taught the simple present tense and whether it was an effective lesson or not.
First of all, as a warm up activity, the teacher made a revision about the action verbs that students were taught in the previous lesson. She asked them the meaning of the some action ...view middle of the document...

In short, the theacher used deductive way of teaching. The good thing was that she did not give the all rules for simple present tense. I think, it was good because if she gave all of them, it would be difficult for students. However, I am not in favor of giving grammar rules. According to me, inductive way of teaching grammar is more effective than the deductive one because the students discover the rules themselves and they involve in the target language more.

Later, the teacher gave them some action verbs and she asked them to write sentences in the simple present tense by using first person singular. The students wrote some sentences and they raised their hands to read their answers. The teacher wrote some action verbs on the board again but this time, she asked them to form sentences by using the plural subject pronouns. After these activities, she mantioned about the adverbs of frequency and their meanings in Turkish and she asked students to form sentences orally. Although they did a lot of exercises, they generally made some mistakes while they were putting the adverbs of frequency in a sentence so that the teacher gave them some adverb of frequency and asked them to write sentences as a homework. In this lesson activities were so boring for the students. I think, they needed to fun and enjoyable activities based on the topic. If I were her, I would adopt variety of teaching techniques that attract students’ attention. For example, it would be a fun speaking activity related to simple present tense. For example, she had to ask them what they do every day. In this way, she could promote participation of students and she gave them an opportunity to practice speaking.

Overall, this lesson was based on memorization of some rules so that students only memorized some rules but they failed to communicate in English. In short, it was a teacher-centred classroom with no opportunity for speaking practice. Generally, little attention was given to speaking in this lesson so I think that, it would be effective, if the teacher spoke in English and included communnicative activities in her lesson plans.

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