Lessons From A Dead Friend Essay

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A/N: Warning, this has some girl on guy sexual assault. Turn back now if that will bother you.
Rosa is dead.
Alec thought and tried to erase that image of Rosa’s dead body lying on those concrete pipes out of his mind.
It’s not my fault.
Alec thought again and the flash of one of his arrows hitting his ex-best friend crossed his mind again. He didn’t launch the arrow, someone else did. He had taken out the arrow, because he knew he was the only Shadowhunter that uses arrows instead of knives. He knew the Clave would know it was him and blame him.
They would make him talk and instantly throw him into the Bone City because he had reasons to kill Rosa Cleveland.
Leah killed her.
Alec thought, ...view middle of the document...

Stuff like this doesn’t go away with just an ‘its okay.’ Alec wanted to say, but instead said, “I will.” Maryse took one more look and left.
Alec sighed again, this time feeling his chest heave a little. He knew that it was associated with the fact that he was going to cry.
Someone knocked on the door and it slowly the door opened. A girl with long brunette hair that went to the small of her back walked in. She has a round face and brown eyes. She wore a purple shirt with a frill across the chest and a pleated gray skirt. She’s eighteen to.
“Alec, are you okay?” She asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine Caitlin.” Alec said.
Caitlin studied Alec and closed the door. She walked over to the bed and Alec sat up. “No, you’re not.” Caitlin pulled Alec in a hug and Alec started to cry
“Rosa’s dead.” Alec said.
“Oh.” Caitlin said and Alec noticed that she had a weird tone in her voice.
“I’m happy that she’d dead.” Alec said.
“Why?” Caitlin asked.
“Do you want to hear the full story? Or do you want to hear a summary?” Alec asked.
“The full story. I have all day.”...

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