Lessons In E Learning And How To Move It Forward

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1.0 IntroductionE-learning offers a new way to conduct training. Which utilizes the Internet to conduct comprehensive and interactive employees training, offers numerous benefits to both employers and employees alike. However, with the development of E-learning, problems are emerging in the enterprise-wide E-learning, here, Six most common problems grouped into two sources --- enterprises and participants are discussed. The lessons from the view of enterprises include: 1. Spending spree. 2 Problems of system capabilities. 3 Security will always be a critical issue. The lessons from the view of participants (employees) include: 1 High dropout rate. 2 Quality indifference. 3 Comparison shoppers. According to the problems raised from either enterprise or participants , solutions arrived at by two approaches: 1. Using traditional system lifecycle to keep the system under control and assure that the E-learning system produced satisfied well-formulated requirements. 2.Go for collaboration: classroom-based learning and E-learning can be combined effectively for a blended learning programme. That would be making the best of two options.2.0 E-learning overviewE-learning has come a long way in recent years, and as an established part of most corporations' training infrastructures, it's poised for greater importance in the future.Increased productivity is due to extraordinary advancements in technology. The development of computer hardware and software and digital telecommunications equipment- and their acceptance in the workplace- have undeniably revolutionized the way people work. Leveraging these powerful tools, today's workers produce more and produce a higher quality than was possible by their predecessors.An especially beneficial use of technology has come in the areas of education and training, with E-learning being the enabler. E-learning combines improved computer capabilities (multimedia, browsers, databases, etc.), improved telecommunications infrastructures(networks, the internet ) and improved pedagogical techniques( instructional design) to improve training offerings cost -effectively.E-learning offers numerous benefits that enable organizations to better accomplish their objectives. Here are some examples.oe A large professional services firm with a tradition of making enormous education investments in its highly-trained staff is using E-learning to provide continuing education in a new way, eliminating much of the need for travel to training events. The result: increased revenue and decreased costs, while maintaining the same high level of training.oe Professional trade associations are meeting their members' needs for rapid understanding and assessment of complex topical issues by delivering live web casts. Now , critical information is delivered in an engaging, interactive format, more quickly, to a larger audience and at less cost.oe Corporations are capturing and better distributing presentations from onetime events that were previously...

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