Lessons Learned From A Challenging Childhood

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This essay is about my learning process as a young child. I was born and raised in North Minneapolis. My childhood was a hassle due to my learning process had been slow, constantly struggling in reading, spelling, and writing. My childhood school Frederick Douglas (Located at 2922 Oakland Ave Minneapolis, MN 55407) was a powerful resource for me. Not only was Frederick Douglas a resource, but it held resources within the aspects which I struggled in. In my essay I will explain how the help I received as a child has affected my future. The early learning stages have made me a more successful individual today. I will be reviewing my academic downfalls and the tools that were used to better myself, starting at the age of four.
As a child at age four, I remember attending a school by the name of Frederick Douglas. If anyone was ever looking for a school for their troubled child to attend, this was the one. Frederick Douglas had the most interesting, outgoing, hardworking staff I have ever met in my 23 years of living. I had a teacher by the name of Mrs. Tonda who was smart, beautiful and patient. Mrs. Tonda always took extra time out to help me when I had trouble reading, writing, and spelling. I remember Mrs. Tonda would have me use flashcards to assist in helping me learn in areas that were a challenge for me. The flashcards would have a picture on one side; with a word of what the picture was and how to spell it on the other side. The flashcards may have also had a word on one side with the word broken down to help me pronounce it correctly. My teacher and I would go over how to make the sounds of letters in the alphabet which helped me pronounce words. This is what I remember regarding the learning process of how to read, write, and spell at age 4 with Mrs. Tonda. Fredrick Douglas School also had plenty of other resources to help other students and I learn, such as the computer lab.
The computer lab at Frederick Douglas was a positive learning experience for me. In the computer lab we would play learning game. The games would consist of the areas I had trouble in to help me get better, such as spelling. An example of a game I played to help in my learning process was a game which would have pictures and it would say click on the cat (if that was the picture), then I would click on it. If I got the answer correct, it would ask me to spell the word. If the word was misspelt it would show how to spell the word correctly and allow for another attempt to spell the word. This helped me learn how to spell in that when I misspelled words it would show me the correct way to spell them and...

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