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Technology is endless and in this modern era technological advancements are never-ending. The goal of Technology Management is to prepare managers to understand business, the manufacturing process, the objectives of the organization and technological fundamentals who can create a competitive edge. The three main concepts where majority of the focus is laid on are:
• How technology should be implemented and used wisely in an organization.
• The role of IS manager in an organization and how organizations could use information technology to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.
• Ethical issues involved in using information technology.
It is widely known that Information technology plays a vital part in an organization but investing in IT alone doesn’t fetch profits. Organizations must first understand their requirements and also should consider goals and objectives before investing in IT.
Google case study helped in providing an insight about how these concepts can be embedded and how successful an organization could become by implementing these concepts. Google has allowed its employees to choose computers and software’s of their own choice, this step proved successful as it allowed employees to access that software’s which are useful. The search engine giant has designed its own software’s or bought it from other vendors depending upon the necessity.

Google has made sure that the ethical principles involved in using the information technology are followed strictly. Although it allowed free access of company’s information for employees, enough security measures are taken in order to ensure the security of data.
The concepts of Technology management encourage both analytical and critical thinking which could have a great impact both personally and also professionally. In personal front the concept of ethical behavior plays a vital role. The theories of ethics made me understand the kind of approach that is required; I learned that as an individual ethical approach and ethical decision making are essential. The case studies provided have shown that there exist situations where there will be a dilemma in decision making and therefore ethical decisions should be made which is feasible to both the employee and organization. It is the responsibility of managers to ensure that the organization is putting the ethical principles into practice. Living.com an online furniture retailer also shares the same idea of practicing business ethics; the company even though signed for a bankruptcy did not sell its customers personal information which is considered to be private. From professional perspective these concepts provided a framework which can be useful when managing information which is associated with business goals and strategies that drive an organization. It can be understood from these concepts the role of IS managers and the crucial part they play in decision making. An IS manager should be creative enough to develop new...

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