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Lessons Not Learned Essay

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Communism. The reason for the Vietnam War was attracting support throughout the nation during and even after the war. Many questions have arisen on what exactly caused the intervention of America. There may never be one official answer as to the key event or turning point in which caused the involvement. Yes, historians have different ideas and key points which may have led to the definite commitment however, one key event or reason may not be the only reason why United States decided to intervene. The movie Why Vietnam enlightened American militias as to the obligation to devote our supplies and people in order to come to properly protect Vietnam.
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The United States, in my opinion, has never comprehended native circumstances to their best ability and has the tendency to view issues in relation to bigger political battles, which manages to get us into more problems, e.g. Iraq. Our biased concentrations only assist in temporary objectives as seen in Vietnam. Ultimately this leads us to create numerous enemies leading to them kicking us out.
According to historians, there are different explanations than the government gives as to why we were fighting the war in Vietnam. There are two basic opposing views of the scholars: skeptical and agreeable. The agreeable scholars saw the involvement in the war as a cause to not only defend Vietnam, but to also protect the remainder of Asia. They debate that the communist assault in Vietnam was a tool of the Soviet and Chinese plan to increase rebellion throughout Asia. Therefore it was guarding both Vietnam and Asia, as it
would have been exposed to communism if the collapse of Vietnam ever came. These scholars truly believed the involvement was an essential manifestation of America’s genuine well-being interests and its strong principle of democracy.
These skeptical scholars argue that the mediation was used as method of domination. They stated that it was a small piece of the puzzle to a greater cause created by the United States following World War II in order to enforce a certain diplomatic and commercial demand on the world. Others argued that the U.S. intervened in Vietnam in order to keep our economical ties in the region in which the war aroused. Reasonable critics accuse the intervention of being an intolerance of a foreign policy in which it was reluctant to rethink its own obligation to stop communism universally. Gabriel Kolko wrote, “The Vietnam War, was for the U.S. culmination of its frustrating postwar effort to merge its arms and politics to halt and reverse the emergence of states and social systems opposed to the international order Washington sought to establish.”...

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